All nucleus types and what they do in Tower of Fantasy

Gotta roll those dice.

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Tower of Fantasy has brought millions of players into the gacha genre of mobile gaming. Similar to its direct inspiration, Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy tackles the gacha mechanic by making use of a ‘summon’ mechanic that involves various farmable nuclei to acquire new characters and weapons. In Tower of Fantasy, these are called Simulacra, and the nuclei used to summon them come in three distinct colors that signify which banners you can summon from — Gold, Black, and Red. In a way, they serve as your primary currency to empower your character and progress further into the game. Therefore, our guide on nucleus types will come in handy to help you learn what each is used for. 

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Gold Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

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The Gold Nucleus currency is used on the Gold gacha banner to summon Simulacra. You can either use a single summon option for 1 Gold Nucleus, or a 10x summon option for 10 Gold Nuclei. The chances for SSR Weapons on this pull start at 0.75% and cap at 2%, with a pity guarantee at every 80 pulls. Meanwhile, for SR Weapons, the pull chance starts at 1% and caps at 12%, with a guaranteed pity at every 10 pulls. This means that every time you use 10x summon, you’re guaranteed at least one SR Weapon.

However, most pulls will statistically result in R Weapons, which start at 91.40% chance, and drops lower as the chances for SR and SSR Weapons rise. There is also a chance to get a High-Efficient Energy Battery which starts at 6.85% and drops proportionally similar to the R Weapon chance. If you pull duplicates, they will be converted to the corresponding weapon’s Fusion Cores, while duplicates of those get converted to Flame Gold, with rates based on weapon rarity.

Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

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The Black Nucleus currency (more like purple if you ask us) is used on the flip side banner from the Gold banner. It’s predominantly used to summon Small Energy Batteries (40% chance) and Elementcores (20% Chance), with smaller chances of those upgrading to Standard Energy Batteries (5%) or Elementheart (1%). However, there’s also a chance of pulling a weapon as well. In fact, to get an R Weapon there’s a 30.7% chance, so 1-in-3 pulls. For the much more coveted SR and SSR weapons, there’s an even smaller chance fixed at 3% and 0.3% respectively. Also, note that there is no pity system for Black Nucleus summons. Just like with Gold Nuclei, you can use 1 Black Nucleus for a single summon, or 10x Black Nucleus for 10x summon.

Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

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The Red Nucleus currency is used for limited character and event banners. In terms of function, they can be used the same way as Gold and Black, i.e. you can exchange 1 Red Nucleus for one summon, or 10x Red Nucleus for 10 summons. The weapon and item percent chances are exactly the same as the Golden Nucleus pulls. They even follow the same pity pattern as the Gold Nucleus. However, when you get an SSR Weapon from a Red Nucleus summon, there is a higher chance of getting a character listed in the limited pool. This is a great way to target a character when their event comes up. Similarly, the Red Nucleus pulls grant a higher exchange rate of Flame Gold, which in itself works as a pity mechanic currency for the active event. The strategy of using Red Nucleus should therefore revolve around hoarding it when there are no characters in the pool that you’re looking for, and then splashing it all on a new character or when your desired character’s event comes up next.