What are Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy?

Understand the game’s gatcha mechanic.


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Tower of Fantasy is a complex MMO with many interlinking systems. One of those systems is the Simulacrum and the Simulacra that you acquire from it. This guide explains what Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy are, so you understand how they work, why you need them, and how to avoid spending too much money on them.

How do Simulacra work?

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Early on in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll be given access to the Simulacrum, a facility that allows you to purchase weapons. The weapons you buy are Simulacra, the bodies, and personalities of ancient heroes that have been saved as AI. When you equip them, you become that hero and get to control them, using their abilities and weapons as your own.

How to get more Simulacra

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Simulacra can’t be purchased directly. Instead, you can only buy packs that give you a chance at picking up a new Simulacra. These are purchased with a Gold Nucleus, though you can spend ten for a chance at a more powerful Simulacra. Finally, you can also buy the Tower of Fantasy Upgrade Pass, which will give you a Simulacra and several other rewards in addition to access to the game’s seasonal pass reward model.