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All Dead by Daylight Perk Changes in the Tools of Torment Mid-Chapter update, explained

There's a new meta for Killers and Survivors now.

Developer Behaviour Interactive is constantly monitoring the meta in Dead by Daylight. While Killer abilities can’t be tweaked every season, the most used perks by Killers and Survivors certainly can. With every Mid-Chapter update, the current meta, including the most used perks in the game, is reworked and rebalanced to shake up how people play the game. This guide outlines every perk changing in the Mid-Chapter update for Tools of Torment.

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When is the release date of the Mid-Chapter update?

The Mid-Chapter update for Dead by Daylight’s Tools of Torment Chapter will be released on April 18, as confirmed by Behaviour Interactive. This will introduce Tome 15 Ascension, a new Rift Pass, and a plethora of futuristic and post-apocalyptic cosmetics across the game and its store. There’s a chance that the new Rift Pass won’t be available until April 19, but that depends on how difficult or easy it is to implement the following perk changes.

The perk changes below reflect the latest patch notes from Behaviour Interactive, including feedback from players in the PTB that have been experimenting with the new meta.

All Survivor perks are being reworked in the mid-Chapter update

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This list shows every Survivor perk that will be changed in some way as part of the Dead by Daylight mid-Chapter update for Tools of Torment.

Boon: Circle of Healing

You don’t need to be a veteran Dead by Daylight player to know that this perk pops up all the time because of how powerful it is as a healing ability. Moving forward, this perk has been changed so that Survivors can no longer heal without a Med-Kit. It instead provides a boost of 50%/75%/100% to Survivors healing others. This bonus doesn’t apply to those healing with a Med-Kit. The auras of any Survivors within the Circle of Healing will be revealed to all Survivors, making it easy to see when you need to help your fellow players out.

Dead Hard

With the Mid-Chapter update, Dead Hard will activate after you are unhooked or unhook yourself. While active, you can press the ability button while in the injured state and running to get the Endurance status effect for 0.5 seconds. After that, the perk will deactivate, and you’ll gain the Exhausted status effect.


Currently grants a repair speed bonus when cleansing a Totem, more for Hex Totems. After the Mid-Chapter update, this perk will also activate when blessing a Totem, and the bonus to repair speed has been increased to 8%/9%/10%.

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All Killer perks being reworked in the mid-Chapter update

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The following perks are all those being reworked in the Mid-Chapter update for Tools of Torment that are used by Killers.

Call of Brine

This perk has been used more and more over the last year because it can completely regress a Generator if you’re good at chasing off Survivors. After the Mid-Chapter update, Call of Brine will have its power reduced to 115%/120%/125% regression speed.


Currently reveals the aura of the next Survivor to get a great skill check after a Survivor loses a health state. Following the Mid-Chapter update, the perk will activate for 30 seconds after a Survivor loses a health state. During this time, any survivor to hit a great skill check has their aura revealed for 6/7/8 seconds.


Overcharge is another perk that’s risen in popularity over the past year of Dead by Daylight’s life. Following the Mid-Chapter update, the regression rate for Generators it has will be pulled back to 130%. The starting regression speed has been increased to 85% to make this a worthwhile perk to use still. The final addition to this perk is a change to the penalty for missing a skill check to 2%/3%/4%.

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance

Once the Mid-Chapter update is released, this perk will start with 4 Tokens, with one being spent every time you hook a Survivor on a Scourge Hook. That spent Token explodes the Generator with the most progress and causes it to begin losing progress. The tiers will also be adjusted to 15%/20%/25%.

Why do perks get reworked or rebalanced in the mid-Chapter update?

Dead by Daylight Perk update change rework
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Perks in Dead by Daylight need to be reworked and rebalanced because it helps keep the game fresh. If players continue using the same perks, the game becomes predictable and boring. These perks make Survivors and Killers as powerful in their roles as they can be, leaving little room for creativity. Changing how these perks work will cause a stir in the community as players search for the new best perks to use, ensuring that the game is fun to play for years to come. You can see everything that Behaviour Interactive is working on by keeping an eye on the official Developer Updates page.

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