Behaviour Interactive Teases Dead by Daylight Tome 15 & Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Cosmetics

Check out The Skull Merchant’s stunning new threads.


Screenshot via Dead by Daylight’s YouTube channel

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has shared a teaser of what’s coming to the game next week when Tome 15 finally launches. Post-apocalyptic cosmetics, an entirely new Rift Pass, and big changes in the Mid-Chapter update are all on the cards, changing up the meta and giving players the best excuse to dive back in.

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On April 18, Dead by Daylight will receive its Mid-Chapter Update. Following on from Tools of Torment, this update will change how the most used perks in the game work in an effort to stir things up and get players experimenting with new builds. Of course, the thing that most players will care about is the new Tome, the accompanying challenges, and a new set of cosmetics to unlock.

What’s new in Dead by Daylight Tome 15 Ascension?

Titled Tome 15 Ascension, the season will bring a new set of challenges for players to complete in addition to a new Rift. This is Dead by Daylight’s version of a battle pass, packed with cosmetics to earn across a free and premium track. The theme of this Tome’s cosmetics is post-apocalyptic, making characters like The Skull Merchant look like they’re part of the Mad Max universe.

Behaviour Interactive adds in the announcement blog post that tome 15 Ascension will be quite different from previous Tomes. Lore entries unlocked by completing challenges will now include visual content in addition to the text-based lore we’re all used to. Furthermore, the Deep Rift content, those cosmetics awarded to players who go beyond the usual 70 or so levels in the Rift Pass will now be even more set apart from the rest of the cosmetics you can earn with this Tome. The idea is to make them visually striking and fit better with the idea that they require a lot more effort to earn.

Under all the cosmetics and lore is the mechanical part of the Mid-Chapter Update. This tweaks perks such as Dead Hard, Boon: Circle of Healing, Call of Brine, Overcharge, and many more to mix up how people play Dead by Daylight. You can read about all the changes in the Tools of Torment Mid-Chapter Update in our guide. The game relies on spontaneity, clever builds, and surprising tactics. When a certain set of perks becomes the meta, though, it’s hard to break away from them. This update will change that and should make the game even more fun for dedicated fans and newcomers alike.