All Polus Replica Tasks & How to Complete Them in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting introduces map tasks, but they can destroy a run if players don’t complete them.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

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The Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC brings the world of Among Us into the game, adding new characters, weapons, a new map, and strange mechanics for players to contend with. The biggest change is map tasks, which can end a run if ignored.

A crucial part of playing Among Us is completing tasks. Whether it’s imposters trying to sabotage the match or crewmates attempting to survive for longer, tasks are at the heart of how players uncover their enemies and win a round. Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting takes tasks and twists them to fit within its world. But players can suffer if they don’t know how to complete them all.

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All Tasks on Polus Replica & How to Complete Them in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting

In the table below, we’ve listed every emergency task and how players can complete them on the Polus Replica map in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting. All the tasks follow a similar format, but it’s good to know the location of the buttons players must press if they want to make the most of a run.

Emergency TaskHow to Complete itWhat Happens if You Fail?
seismic activity detected vampire survivors emergency meeting
Seismic Activity Detected
Players must press the button in the projector room. This is located in the base in the center of the map.
Eruptions are in Progress
For this task, players need to find two buttons and press them both before the timer runs out. The first is in the projector room in the center of the map, but the second is in the base at the bottom of the map with the “Don’t Touch the Cannon” poster.

Eruptions spark all over the map, spewing fire at players. This almost killed us when we didn’t reach both buttons in time.
Faint Smell of Vinegar
This task also requires players to visit the projector room in the center of the map to press a button.

How to Press a Button in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting

Screenshot by Gamepur

To press a button in Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting so players can complete a task, they must follow the red arrow that appears when an emergency triggers. This arrow has a countdown timer that will cause a devastating map event if players don’t press the button before it ends.

When players close in on the arrow’s target, they’ll see a red marker on the ground that the arrow will settle over. Players must run over the red marker to press the button and complete the current emergency task. Players don’t require a specific character or weapon to do this, meaning every run feels fresher.