How to Unlock Glass Fandango in Vampire Survivors

Glass Fandango is a powerful weapon in Vampire Survivors that players can utilize in builds that rely on time dilation.

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With Patch 1.7, Vampire Survivors received a new Stage for players to explore, filled with a lot of new content to unlock. Not only does the Stage feel endless, but it’s incredibly challenging, even for those who have put dozens of hours into the game.

One of the biggest draws of the new Stage, Whiteout, is the new weapon. However, players will need to figure out how to unlock Glass Fandango if they want to make the most of it because this weapon won’t simply drop right away.

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How to Unlock Glass Fandango in Vampire Survivors

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To unlock Glass Fandango in Vampire Survivors, players must find it in the Whiteout Stage. Once they’ve unlocked this Stage, players will be able to explore almost endlessly in every direction. We found Glass Fandango in a cave when we discovered it.

We found the new weapon after doing a run in Whiteout and collecting the Defang item from another cave to the west of our starting location. Note that an easy run is better than a hard run for Whiteout. We’re not sure if this is a prerequisite to finding Glass Fandango, but based on the progression of unlocks from picking up the weapon, we believe it might well be.

Where to Find Defang in Vampire Survivors

To find Defang in Vampire Survivors, players need to jump into the Whiteout Stage and follow the green arrow. It points directly to it, so players won’t miss it. The item can be upgraded to help players in future runs by making 3% of all enemies that spawn unable to deal damage up to a maximum of 15%.

Where to Find Glass Fandango in Vampire Survivors

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The location of Glass Fandango might change on a run-to-run basis, but there is one thing players can do to ensure they find it. First, we recommend finding and unlocking Defang. Then, players should look inside caves on subsequent runs.

We found Glass Fandango in a cave to the northeast of our starting position in our second run. It was guarded by two very powerful witches who did not want us to take it, but we did. That’s when red witches that self-destruct started to spawn, and our run ended quickly after.

How to Use Glass Fandango in a Build in Vampire Survivors

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Glass Fandango is a spear that shoots out of a character from the front and back. It’s stronger when firing while characters are moving, especially after activating an Orologion. It’ll also deal added damage against frozen enemies.

The best build for this weapon is one that maximizes attack area and power and has a fully upgraded Clover. With the highest possible luck, players will find Orologions more frequently, increasing the power of this weapon dramatically. Anything that will freeze enemies in place will also help, but that’s quite hard to manipulate in a build. Even without freezing powers, this weapon would make a boss like the Avatar of Gaea a breeze.