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All Project W chapter buffs and nerfs in Dead by Daylight

A few perks have been tweaked in Dead by Daylight.

The Project W chapter update released to Dead by Daylight, adding multiple characters to the series. Players now have the chance to play as the Killer The Mastermind, Albert Wesker, and Survivors Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. The Project W chapter also came with a handful of balance changes many players will want to examine to double-check if they want to alter their favorite loadouts. This guide covers all Project W chapter buffs and nerfs in Dead by Daylight.

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All Project W balance changes in Dead By Daylight

The biggest balance changes the Behaviour Interactive team worked on focused on two particular perks: Mettle of Man and Blast Mine.

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Blast Mine

The changes to the Blast Mine perk differ from the Mettle of Man pullback. Now, when a Blast Mine is placed out, the entire perk deactivates if the mine times out without being triggered. The Survivor will need to repair the generator to re-earn the mine. Before this change, when a mine timed out, a Survivor immediately received another, and they could place it without returning to the generator.

Mettle of Man

The Mettle of Man has returned to its previous state when it was in 6.1.2. The perk works in that Mettle of Man activates after you earn three Protection Hit scoring events. While Mettle of Man is active, the next time your character would have gone into the dying state while in the injured state, this is ignored. The next time you heal back to full health, your character’s aura is revealed to the Killer only if you are 12/14/16 meters away from them. The Mettle of Man perk will deactivate the next time you are dying, and having this perk on your character increases the chance of them being the obsession.

Alongside these changes added to Dead by Daylight, the team has updated the Raccoon City Police Station Map. There were also a handful of bug changes added to Dead by Daylight, but nothing that stands out alongside the Blast Mine or Mettle of Man perk updates.

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