Are Harmony Shards shared among characters in Lost Ark? Answered

Harmony Shards are extremely important for all of your characters.

Image via Smilegate

You will want to make multiple characters on your preferred Lost Ark server, giving you access to numerous pieces of content and plenty of currencies. Many of these currencies will be shared across your characters on your account, such as Gold. However, one currency you want to learn about is Harmony Shards. A big question many Lost Ark players ask is if the Harmony Shards you earn on one character will work between all of them on your roster? Here’s what you need to know.

Do your Lost Ark characters share Harmony Shards?

We can confirm any Harmony Shard you earn on one will character will remain on them, and you cannot use it on another on your account. These are character-exclusive, so we recommend you earn them on your main character and focus on unlocking the stuff they need to become stronger. You do not waste them on items they won’t need while playing Lost Ark.

Many players have made the mistake of opening all their Harmony Shard pouches on a character that did not need them, only to discover they could not transfer them between other characters on their roster. Make sure to give them to the character you intend to take into the end game content and want to play regularly.

Harmony Shards are a major end-game item. You need to use them to level up your character’s gear, making them more powerful. All your characters on your account need them when they reach the end of the game and you begin working on the more difficult dungeons. If your character is not a high enough level, they will be unable to attempt any of these dungeons, and being eligible for those dungeons can only happen by using Harmony Shards.