All Reboot Van locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Every Reboot Van in Chapter 2 Season 3.

Reboot Van Locations

Reboot Vans can be literal lifesavers in Fortnite’s Duos or Squads modes. They allow you to bring back a fallen teammate if you can track one down. On the map below, you will find the location of various Reboot Vans. We will continue to update the map as we track down more, or as more are added to the map over time.

When you are playing Squads of Duos, a dead squadmate will drop a Reboot Card. You can then pick this up and bring it to a Reboot Van. You will need to interact with the reboot van for a while, which will leave you exposed to enemies, so be careful. When you finish interacting with it, a loud noise will come from the van, and a beam of light will fire off. Yes, bringing back a squadmate is not subtle, so you will need to have your wits about you incase another squad is nearby.

Your friends will then appear on top of the van, but they will have no weapons and will need to loot up all over again. If you have a spare weapon, be sure to pass it off to them, so they are prepared for any enemies that show up.

If you do barely make it out of a gunfight, and are the last squadmate standing, make sure you go to the nearest Reboot Van to bring back your pals. It’s a pretty good idea to quickly search the area to ensure no enemies are nearby and drop some extra guns near the van for your friends before you bring them back.