All Round 1 Smart Servant Locations in Tower of Fantasy

“Keen Eye.”

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There are many quests in Tower of Fantasy, but only a few challenging ones. If you are looking for a new and challenging side quest, Round 1 is a great option, as you will need to find three hidden smart servants to complete it. Additionally, completing the quests rewards you with an achievement, making it a must-complete quest. However, finding the quest and the smart servants is tricky. Here is how to find and complete the Round 1 side quest in Tower of Fantasy.

Round 1 side quest location in Tower of Fantasy

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The quest is located in the Mirafleur Hall district of Mirroria City. The game will mark the quest on your map when you are in the area. Head to the marker and talk to a boy named Hui to start the quest.

Round 1 side quest walkthrough in Tower of Fantasy

Once the quest starts, you must find the camouflaged smart servant in the objective area. It is tricky to look for it, and there are three of these smart servants that you need to find. Here are the locations for all smart servants to complete the Round 1 side quest.

Smart Servant 1 location

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You can find the first smart servant on top of the decorative bushes in front of where Hui is standing. Go to the noodle shop and head left, where you will easily spot the bushes. In the bushes, look for an odd green, overgrown plant and go near it. Interact with it, and you will find the first smart servant. Head back to Hui and get the task to find the next one.

Smart Servant 2 location

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The second smart servant is a bit more tricky to find. Go in front of the noodle shop and find the table with some chairs on the right side. On top of the table is a flower pot, and that is the smart servant. Go and interact with it to find it. Talk to Hui and start your search for the last smart servant.

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Smart Servant 3 location

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The last one is easier since it is on top of the noodle shop. Use your glider to climb the noodle shop’s roof and look for an odd decorative object. Interact with it to find the smart servant and talk to Hui to complete the quest. When you complete it, you will get XP points and the achievement “Keen Eye.”