All Salmon Run reward gear in Splatoon 3

Get fresh with some Grizzco apparel.

Image via Nintendo

Salmon Run is a beloved mode in Splatoon 3 and for good reason. In this mode, not only is it a good way to earn cash quickly, but you can also get other rewards from it like gear. Just like the rest of the clothing in Splatoon 3, the gear you earn in Salmon Run is certified “fresh”. To add more incentive to why you should get it, you only have a limited amount of time before the item goes away.

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All the Salmon Run featured gear in Splatoon 3

The gear you get in Salmon Run are all Grizzco-branded that you can only obtain exclusively through this mode and they cannot be ordered through Murch. The abilities you get from them are all random and if you receive a replica of the gear, you can replace the old one with the new one or swap the new version for ability chunks. So far, four pieces of gear have been released and they change out every month. So, be sure to get them before they are rotated out!

Bream-Brim CapHeadgear
Lo-Vis VisorHeadgear
Brain StrainerHeadgear
Astro HelmHeadgear

To get the featured gear, all you need to do is earn enough points to unlock it naturally. Or, you can get lucky and get it through the Pink Capsule.

How to claim your rewards in Splatoon 3

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While you may earn enough points to unlock the many different rewards that Salmon Run has to offer, they won’t just be given to you. To claim your rewards, you’ll need to go to the Reception Desk which is located right at the entrance when you first walk in. Go here to claim your rewards. From here, you’ll see what you’ve earned from your capsules as well as what abilities your gear have.