All Saya’s Vigil Glass Shard Locations in Warframe

In Warframe’s early story quests, players will need to find all of Saya’s Vigil Glass Shard locations, but they’re very well hidden.

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During the early game in Warframe, players will need to tackle a major questline that sees them seeking out all of the Sayas’ Vigil Glass Shard locations. These are important to the story and help get players invested, but they’re incredibly difficult to track down.

After they’ve established themselves, and have maybe spent some time messing around in The Duviri Paradox, Warframe players will begin to get moving with the core plot. This starts with a quest on Cetus and leads into players needing to find all of the Saya’s Vigil Glass Shard locations. As we worked through this quest, we immediately became completely stuck because these Glass Shards are so tough to track down. Even among experienced players, this is a choke point for progress.

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Where to Find All the Saya’s Vigil Glass Shard Locations in Warframe

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In the table below, we’ve outlined exactly where to find each of the Saya’s Vigil Glass Shard locations in Warframe. Of course, players must find Saya in Cetus before they start this part of the quest. Players must head to the area in the Plains of Eidolon marked on the map, then use their Codex Scanner to scan each of the three Glass Shards to complete the quest. We’ve explained how to equip the Codex Scanner in the next section.

Glass ShardTips for Finding the Glass Shard Location
Saya’s Vigil Glass Shard Location 1
As players enter the indicated area, they’ll pass by a red flag. This first Glass Shard is located near the flag. Players should find it by walking forward and slightly to the left, seeing it in a pile of dirt next to the UI text for using the Codex Scanner.
Saya’s Vigil Glass Shard Location 2
From the first Glass Shard location, players must turn around 180 degrees. They should be staring down a path that leads to a vehicle. Players must run to the back of the vehicle and then look at the crates to their left. The second Glass Shard is sat on top of the crates.
Saya’s Vigil Glass Shard Location 3
The third and final Glass Shard location is inside the vehicle, close to the second. Players must interact with the yellow screen at the back of the vehicle to open its doors. Then, they’ll find the last one inside the vehicle for them to scan.

How to Equip the Codex Scanner in Warframe

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To equip the Codex Scanner in Warframe, players must open their radial menu, highlight the Codex Scanner, and then tap or click to equip it. This will cause their Warframe to stow its weapon. To use the Codex Scanner, players must hold the aim button to find the targets they want to scan, then hold the fire button to initiate and complete a scan.

How to Track the Saya’s Vigil Quest in Warframe

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To track the Saya’s Vigil quest in Warframe, players must open up their Codex in their ship using the correct terminal, then highlight the Saya’s Vigil quest and track it. We found ourselves floundering around for ages, trying to figure out what to do next in this quest, making absolutely no progress. Then, when we managed to track the quest, we could see the next step in the Navigation screen, so it was easy to hop directly into the next mission.