Where is Saya in Warframe?

One of the first missions in Cetus on Earth in Warframe can be incredibly difficult because of the directions given by a single NPC.


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Early on in Warframe’s story, players will be directed to Cetus on Earth. It’s very different from what they expect, and the first person they meet is even stranger. They direct players to someone called Saya, but she’s far from easy to locate.

When players land on Cetus to tackle the first major questline in Warframe, they’ll need to find a man called Konzu. After speaking with him, they must complete the mission “A Personal Favor,” which requires them to find a woman called Saya. The trouble is that Saya is impossible to find unless players have already seen her. It stumped us for ages when we first started playing the game, and we’re embarrassed by how easy she is to locate once Konzu’s instructions are taken into account.

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How to Find Saya in Warframe

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To find Saya in Warframe, players must head south from his position and then turn right to get to the outskirts of Cetus. This location isn’t really on the outskirts as most people would imagine it. It’s to the edge of the settlement, and Saya is standing underneath a tree there.

Saya’s husband, Onkko, has gone missing, and she blames Konzu. That’s why they both require players to head out into the Plains of Eidolon to find where he was hiding and uncover the truth behind his disappearance. Many think he’s dead, but that might not be the case.

As soon as players are finished speaking with Saya, they’ll get a new quest marker to follow that will take them into the Plains of Eidolon. This sparks the first big storyline in Warframe, and it’s one players should pay attention to if they want to drink in the rich lore of this universe. It also leads players to a great location for rare fish if they’re interested.

How to Track the Saya’s Vigil Quest

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To track the Saya’s Vigil quest, players must open their quest log in their ship and find the quest among the dozens they likely can’t even think about tackling yet. Once they’ve found it, they can choose to track it from this menu.

We had to do this because there’s so much content in Warframe that it’s hard to understand what the next major plot point is. Thankfully, once a main questline has been tracked, players can launch the next mission in that questline from the Navigation map, so there’s no need to get confused about the next location to visit. The number of times we flew to the Plains of Eidolon as if we wanted to hunt Tusk Thumpers while trying to find this quest was far too many.