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All Sea of Thieves Insider weekly rewards

No self-respecting pirate would do anything for free, after all.

Sea of Thieves provides a rip-roaring, swashbuckling adventure of a time for anyone who feels like pirating it up on the high seas, but there are those for whom even the substantial amounts of content on offer won’t be quite enough. For those swarthy sailors who want even more Sea of Thieves in their lives — not to mention an opportunity to provide feedback and earn rewards — there’s the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme.

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It’s pretty straightforward to sign up to be an Insider, and doing so gives players a chance to check out some new content before it’s officially released to the rest of the player base. But if the opportunity to file bug reports and experience new features before everyone else doesn’t quite do it for you, there are also more tangible rewards on offer.

How to claim Sea of Thieves Insider weekly rewards

Although player progress is not shared between the main game client and the Insider client, players can still earn gold, Doubloons, and special cosmetic items for their character on the public client by spending some time in the Insider Programme. Once a week, Insiders can claim rewards in the main game as long as they’ve played for at least an hour in the Insider client — an in-game notification will pop up when the rewards have been earned. The Sea of Thieves servers count each week from Friday at 12 AM UTC, so make sure not to miss a week — there are a lot of rewards to catch up on if you’ve only just started.

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All Sea of Thieves Insider weekly rewards

There are 211 weeks of rewards in total through the Sea of Thieves Insider program.

13,000 Gold23,000 Gold
33,000 Gold43,000 Gold
5Silver Blade Sails and 30 Doubloons63,000 Gold
73,000 Gold83,000 Gold
93,000 Gold10Silver Blade Hull and 30 Doubloons
113,000 Gold123,000 Gold
133,000 Gold143,000 Gold
15Silver Blade Figurehead and 30 Doubloons163,000 Gold
173,000 Gold183,000 Gold
193,000 Gold20Silver Blade Flag and 30 Doubloons
213,000 Gold223,000 Gold
233,000 Gold243,000 Gold
25Silver Blade Wheel and 30 Doubloons263,000 Gold
273,000 Gold283,000 Gold
293,000 Gold30Silver Blade Cannons and 30 Doubloons
313,000 Gold323,000 Gold
33Silver Blade Compass and 5,000 Gold343,000 Gold
353,000 Gold36Silver Blade Pocket Watch and 30 Doubloons
37Silver Blade Capstan and 30 Doubloons383,000 Gold
39Silver Blade Flintlock Pistol and 5,000 Gold403,000 Gold
413,000 Gold42Silver Blade Blunderbuss and 30 Doubloons
433,000 Gold443,000 Gold
45Silver Blade Eye of Reach and 5,000 Gold463,000 Gold
473,000 Gold48Silver Blade Spyglass and 30 Doubloons
493,000 Gold503,000 Gold
51Silver Blade Fishing Rod and 5,000 Gold523,000 Gold
533,000 Gold54Silver Blade Shovel and 30 Doubloons
553,000 Gold563,000 Gold
57Silver Blade Hurdy-Gurdy and 5,000 Gold583,000 Gold
593,000 Gold60Silver Blade Tankard and 30 Doubloons
613,000 Gold623,000 Gold
63Silver Blade Cutlass and 5,000 Gold643,000 Gold
653,000 Gold66Silver Blade Eyepatch and 30 Doubloons
673,000 Gold683,000 Gold
69Silver Blade Gloves and 5,000 Gold703,000 Gold
713,000 Gold72Silver Blade Belt and 30 Doubloons
733,000 Gold743,000 Gold
75Silver Blade Trousers and 5,000 Gold763,000 Gold
773,000 Gold78Silver Blade Boots and 30 Doubloons
793,000 Gold803,000 Gold
81Silver Blade Hook and 5,000 Gold823,000 Gold
833,000 Gold84Silver Blade Dress and 30 Doubloons
853,000 Gold863,000 Gold
87Silver Blade Jacket and 5,000 Gold883,000 Gold
893,000 Gold90Silver Blade Hat and 30 Doubloons
913,000 Gold923,000 Gold
93Silver Blade Bucket and 5,000 Gold943,000 Gold
953,000 Gold96Silver Blade Lantern and 30 Doubloons
973,000 Gold983,000 Gold
99Silver Blade Concertina and 5,000 Gold1003,000 Gold
1013,000 Gold1023,000 Gold
103Sapphire Blade Blunderbuss and 30 Doubloons1043,000 Gold
1053,000 Gold1063,000 Gold
107Sapphire Blade Hurdy-Gurdy and 5,000 Gold108Silver Blade Speaking Trumpet,
Banjo, and Drum, and 3,000 Gold
1093,000 Gold1103,000 Gold
111Alabaster Wildcat and 30 Doubloons1123,000 Gold
1133,000 Gold1143,000 Gold
115Sapphire Blade Tankard and 5,000 Gold1163,000 Gold
1173,000 Gold1183,000 Gold
119Sapphire Blade Wheel and 30 Doubloons1203,000 Gold
1213,000 Gold1223,000 Gold
123Sapphire Blade Flag and 5,000 Gold1243,000 Gold
1253,000 Gold1263,000 Gold
127Sapphire Blade Cannons and 50 Doubloons1283,000 Gold
1293,000 Gold130Sapphire Blade Eyepatch and 30 Doubloons
1313,000 Gold1323,000 Gold
133Sapphire Blade Compass and 5,000 Gold1343,000 Gold
1353,000 Gold136Sapphire Blade Gloves and 5,000 Gold
1373,000 Gold1383,000 Gold
139Sapphire Blade Pocket Watch and 30 Doubloons1403,000 Gold
1413,000 Gold142Sapphire Blade Belt and 5,000 Gold
1433,000 Gold1443,000 Gold
145Sapphire Blade Capstan and 30 Doubloons1463,000 Gold
1473,000 Gold148Sapphire Blade Trousers and 5,000 Gold
1493,000 Gold1503,000 Gold
151Sapphire Blade Pistol and 30 Doubloons1523,000 Gold
1533,000 Gold154Sapphire Blade Boots and 5,000 Gold
1553,000 Gold1563,000 Gold
157Sapphire Blade Hook and 5,000 Gold1583,000 Gold
1593,000 Gold160Sapphire Blade Hat and 5,000 Gold
1613,000 Gold1623,000 Gold
163Sapphire Blade Jacket and 5,000 Gold1643,000 Gold
1653,000 Gold166Sapphire Blade Dress and 5,000 Gold
1673,000 Gold1683,000 Gold
169Sapphire Blade Spyglass and 30 Doubloons1703,000 Gold
1713,000 Gold172Sapphire Blade Eye of Reach
and 30 Doubloons
1733,000 Gold1743,000 Gold
175Sapphire Blade Fishing Rod and 30 Doubloons1763,000 Gold
1773,000 Gold178Sapphire Blade Sails and 50 Doubloons
1793,000 Gold1803,000 Gold
181Sapphire Blade Shovel and 30 Doubloons1823,000 Gold
1833,000 Gold184Sapphire Blade Bucket and 5,000 Gold
1853,000 Gold1863,000 Gold
187Sapphire Blade Hull and 30 Doubloons1883,000 Gold
1893,000 Gold190Sapphire Blade Lantern and 5,000 Gold
1913,000 Gold1923,000 Gold
193Sapphire Blade Figurehead and 30 Doubloons1943,000 Gold
1953,000 Gold196Sapphire Blade Concertina and 5,000 Gold
1973,000 Gold1983,000 Gold
199Sapphire Blade Cutlass and 5,000 Gold200TBD
211Silver Blade Ship Trinket

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