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All seasonal challenges in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

They were not prepared for you to crash into their ship.

The Seasonal Challenges in Destiny 2 are critical for players looking to level up or earn the seasonal title before time runs out. These challenges are available each week, giving you the chance to work through them at a steady pace. Things will begin to heat up as we reach the end, though. This guide will detail all Seasonal Challenges you must complete in Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder.

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All Season of Plunder Seasonal Challenges

The Seasonal Title for Season of Plunder is called Starfarer. You must complete all Seasonal Challenges to unlock it on your Guardian.

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Week 1

These are all the Seasonal Challenges for the first week of the Season of Plunder.

  • Successful Expedition
    • Obtain Plundered Umbral Energy from bonus chests in Expedition
  • Antiquarian I
    • Return the first relic to the H.E.L.M
  • Fire Disciple
    • Complete Ketchchrash activities and activate cannons aboard the deck of your Ketch
  • Shaper I
    • Shape three unique Seasonal weapons
  • Europa Activities
    • On Europa, earn progress by completing bounties, patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors
  • Taking All Challenges
    • Complete weekly playlist challenges
  • Long-range Calibration
    • Calibrate long-range weapons (Pulse Rifles, Bows, or Trace Rifles) on Europa.
  • Dredgin’ up Victory
    • Complete Gambit matches.
  • Flourish of Power
    • Defeat Guardians in the Mayhem playlist with Super abilities
  • The Fallen Fall
    • Defeat Fallen Combatants in Vanguard playlists or Strikes.

Week 2

  • Antiquarian II
    • Return the second relic to the H.E.L.M
  • Expert Expedition I
    • Complete Expeditions and gather treasure in the Treasure Haul
  • Seeker’s Cache I
    • Complete bounties from the Star Chart or on Nessus, Cosmodrome, or Europa. Also, decipher the Small Treasure Beacon available from the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M
  • Fusillade
    • Defeat targets with Submachine Guns
  • Cosmodrome Activities
    • In the Cosmodrome, earn progress by completing bounties, patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors
  • Lost in the Legend
    • Complete a Lost Sector on Legend or Higher
  • Close-Range Calibration
    • Calibrate close-range weapons (Sidearms, Submachines, Shotguns, Glaives, and Swords) in the Cosmodrome. Bonus progress for rapidly defeating combatants
  • Bank, Kill, Repeat
    • Earn points by banking Motes, defeating Blockers, and defeating Guardians in Gambit
  • Arc of History
    • Defeat Guardians with Arc damage. Bonus progress is granted for defeating blinded opponents
  • Anti-Cabal Sweep
    • Defeat Cabal combatants in Vanguard playlists or strikes. Earn bonus progress for defeating tougher combatants

Week 3

  • Antiquarian III
    • Return the thrid relic to the H.E.L.M
  • Sextant Navigation I
    • Collect 60 Map Fragments and 600 Treasure Coordinates during the Season of Plunder
  • Ketchcrasher I
    • In Ketchcrash, destroy five Shield Generators, hack five terminals, and destroy 10 Ether Tanks
  • Cannonade
    • Defeat targets with Machine Guns
  • Nessus Activites
    • On Nessus, earn progress by completing bounties, patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors
  • Power Broker
    • Reach level 1570 by earning powerful rewards and Prime Engrams
  • Mid-range Calibration
    • Calibrate mid-range weapons (Hand Cannons, Glaives, Auto Rifles, Fusion Rifles, Machine Guns) on Nessus. Bonus progress for rapidly defeating Combatants
  • Primeval Entourage
    • Defeat Taken in Gambit
  • Iron Sharpens Iron
    • Complete Crucible matches. Earn bonus progress in Iron Banner and for victories
  • Ultimate Champion
    • Defeat Champions in any Nightfall strike on Hero difficulty or higher. Earn progress at higher difficulty tiers

Week 4

  • Antiquarian IV
    • Return to the fourth relic to the H.E.L.M. Also, defeat Vex, and any you defeat using Melee abilities will give you bonus progress
  • Freebooter I
    • Use Treasure Maps to reveal additional rewards at the end of Expeditions. Using advanced Treasure Maps will award additional progress. Also, spend Plundered Umbral Energy at the Star Chart to focus emgrams throughout the Season
  • Broadside
    • Complete Ketchcrash on Master Difficulty
  • Shortsighted
    • Defeat targets with Shotguns and defeat blinded combatants. Defeating blinded combatants in Expedition and defeating Guardians will award bonus progress
  • Mod Collector
    • Unlock artifact mods
  • Precision Calibration
    • Calibrate marksman weapons (Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Linear Fusion Rifles) by landing precision final blows. Bonus progress against Guardians
  • High-Value Hunter
    • Defeat powerful combatants in Gambit. Earn bonus progress for defeating high-value targets
  • Slowed Down
    • Defeat Guardians with Statis damage. Bonus progress is granted for defeating slowed or frozen opponents
  • Darkest Nightfall
    • Complete any Nightfall strike on Hero difficulty or higher

Week 5

  • Antiquarian V
    • Return the fifth relic to the H.E.L.M
  • Expert Expedition II
    • In Expedition, gather treasure into the treasure haul and defeat Champions
  • Seeker’s Cache II
    • Summon crewmates in Expedition and Ketchcrash
  • Spyglass
    • Defeat targets with Scout Rifles and Shatter damage
  • Resist and Revolt
    • Acquire Cry Mutiny
  • Superconductor
    • Defeat Guardians in Crucible. Bonus progress is granted for opponents defeated with the help of Arc or Statis effects
  • Oh Captain
    • Defeat Cabal and Fallen bosses in strikes or Vanguard playlists

Week 6

  • Antiquarian VI
    • Return the sixth relic to the H.E.L.M
  • Raise a Glass
    • Perform emotes at the end of a Ketchrash or Expedition for additional rewards
  • Ketchcrasher II
    • In Ketchcrash, destroy shield generators in the Maintenance Bay, hack terminals, and destroy Ether tanks
  • Hailstorm
    • Defeat targets with Arc or Statis abilities
  • Apex Armorer
    • Masterwork a Piece of Armor
  • Absolutely Stunning
    • Stun Champions
  • Intended Authority
    • Acquire the Crucible ornament for Cry Mutiny

Week 7

  • Antiquarian VII
    • Return the seventh relic to the H.E.L.M
  • Efficient Expedition
    • Complete each Expedition from every location in under 10 minutes
  • Shaper II
    • Level Seasonal Shaped weapons to level 10
  • Underhanded
    • Defeat targets with Sidearms and defeat jolted combatants. Defeating combatants during Ketchcrash and other Guardians awards bonus progress
  • Closing In
    • Defeat targets with Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, and Swords in Combat. Defeating Guardians will award bonus progress
  • Fleeting Glory
    • Complete Crucible matches in the Glory Rank playlist. Earn bonus progress for wins
  • Grandmaster
    • Company any Nightfall strike on Grandmaster

Week 8

  • Antiquarian VIII
    • Return the eighth relic to the H.E.L.M
  • Sextant Navigation II
    • Collect Map Fragments and Treasure Coordinates throughout the Season of Plunder
  • Barrage
    • Defeat Champions and bosses in Ketchcrash
  • Pinnacle
    • Reach Power Level 1580 by earning pinnacle rewards
  • Hold the Trigger
    • Calibrate Machine Guns, Scout Rifles, and Sidearms by rapidly defeating combatants and defeating Guardians.
  • Intended Mischief
    • Acquire the Gambit ornament for Cry Mutiny

Week 9

  • Expert Expedition III
    • In Expedition, gather treasure and defeat Ruffians
  • Seeker’s Cache III
    • Summon First Mates in Expedition and Ketchcrash. Alos, decipher the Large Treasure Beacon, available from the Star Chart
  • Battery
    • Defeat targets with Linear Fusion Rifles and defeat slowed combatants by Stasis
  • Armory-Wide Calibration
    • Calibrate Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons. Receive a bonus against Champions
  • Cold Lightning
    • In Gambit, defeat targets with Arc or Stasis effects. Bonus progress for defeating Guardians
  • Trial by Firing Squad
    • Win multiple rounds in the Trials of Osiris
  • Arc Vanguard
    • Defeat combatants with Arc or Statis effects in Vanguard playlists

Week 10

  • Freebooter II
    • Open expedition bonus chests and chests from Master Ketchcrash. In addition, spend Plundered Umbral Energy at the Star Chart to focus engrams throughout the season
  • Shaper III
    • Level seasonal-shaped weapons to level 20
  • Thunderlight
    • Defeat targets with Arc or Stasis Supers.
  • EDZ Activities
    • In the EDZ, earn progress by completing bounties, patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors
  • Intended Authority
    • Acquire the Vanguard ornament for Cry Mutiny

We will be updating this guide each week.

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