All secret buried Legendary chest locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Unearth the good stuff.

Image via Gamepur

An interesting addition for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 are the presence of some buried Legendary treasure chests in different places on the map. The chests have been dropping very good loot for us, giving gold items at a rate of about 50%, which is pretty solid.

They also make for an interesting drop strategy, as you can risk dropping in these locations and grabbing a chest, potentially getting a strong item early. The downside is the risk of running into another player coming from an area with more loot who has better overall gear than you in the form of shields and a competitive weapon.

Image via Gampur

The chests don’t seem to have any guaranteed content, so what you get will be random, although we have noticed they drop a lot of rocket launchers. They also have “Week 7” written on the top, and we are not sure what that implies at the moment. It is just another Fortnite mystery.

West of Durrr Burger

You can find a chest to the west of the Durrr Burdger Restaraunt, right in the middle of the green area where the road curse dramatically.

Southwest of Boney Burbs

To the southwest of Boney Burbs, on a slightly raised area of rocks near a thicket of trees and a boulder, you can find another secret hidden chest.

South of Lazy Lake

South of Lazy Lake town, near the lake itself, you can find another of the buried chests.

South of Colossal Crops

Almost directly south of Colassal Crops, in the green area of land just on the edge of the river, you can find another buried chest.