All Sins of the Father intel mission locations in Call of Duty: Warzone

More intel coming in.

Image via Activision

A new week has kicked off and new series of intel missions are available in Call of Duty: Warzone. These pieces of intel will have you running all over Verdansk, and you have to figure out each of the locations, and how they all connect. The previous intel missions included xx

All Sins of the Father intel mission locations

Intel location 1

The first piece of intel for Sins of the Father clearly has the top of a castle, and a small, golden coin is on the top of a grate. It’s the top of the prison, which makes getting to it fairly easy during the first portion of a match, but becomes a bit more complicated depending on the flight pattern of your aircraft. You can find it at the top of the tower at the highest point of the prison.

Intel location 2

The next piece of intel is vague. It wants you to check cameras around a 3-1 location, near the metro. It’s telling to visit a metro station inside of Verdansk’s airport, to the northwest portion of the map. You want to find the metro station near an apartment building, and look for the cameras attached to the building. The apartment buildings you want are across the street from three hangers.

Intel location 3

The only clue you have for the next piece of intel is a picture of a metro center, somewhere in Verdansk, from the angle of a camera. You don’t have too much to go on with that, but we’ve concluded that the intel you want to find is inside Superstore. The piece of intel is next to a sleeping bag and a small bear inside the shelves of the store, on a raised platform.

Intel location 4

The fourth piece of intel focuses on member of Shadow. It directly focuses on the stadium, likely referencing the start of season 5 when they blew the top off of it. You want to go to the southeast portion of the large structure in the middle of Verdansk, and find a truck. It’s the same type of truck that you saw in intel three, in the video camera.

Intel location 5

The next piece of intel has you going inside the Stadium to enter suite 320. Inside the suite, there are multiple pieces of intel you need to grab. Make sure to grab all three of them that pop inside the room, or it won’t count, and you have to repeat the location again. This part requires a squad to collect all three key cards to gain access to the suite, and enter r the Stadium Easter Egg.

Intel Location 6

The final piece of intel requires you to grab the P216 keycard you can grab inside of the stadium. Find it, and gain access to the office in the lower levels of the stadium, at the northern location. Gain access to the office, and approach the computer. Instead of producing a code, it shows you can grab a piece of intel, and you’re good to go.