All Squad Up event rewards in Apex Legends Mobile

Play with friends to earn a limited-time Holo Spray and more.

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Apex Legends Mobile’s second season may have a Battle Pass with tons of unlockable cosmetics, but its new Squad Up Event offers all players a selection of goodies at no cost. The event is made up of just five challenges, all of which require that you play certain modes with friends. In return, you can obtain thousands of Season 2 Currency and a rare Fade cosmetic. Here’s every reward featured in Apex Legends Mobile’s Squad Up Event.

Every reward in the Squad Up event for Apex Legends Mobile

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The Squad Up Event mainly revolves around you playing game modes like Hack Mode or Battle Royale with at least one friend. For instance, one challenge tasks Legends to play one match with friends in Kings Canyon for a Double XP card. Other Squad Up rewards includes the exclusive Phase Current Holo Spray for Fade and a total of 5,000 Season 2 Currency. The currency can then be spent in the Distortion Store for skins and other cosmetics that will only be available till the end of the season. You can find every reward and their dedicated challenge below.

Squad Up rewardsHow to unlock
2,000 Season 2 CurrencyPlay one match with friends in Hack Mode
Double XP CardPlay one match with friends in Kings Canyon
3,000 Season 2 CurrencyPlay two matches with friends in Multiplayer modes
10 Pack PiecesPlay two matches with friends in Hack Mode
Phase Current (Fade Holo Spray)Play three Battle Royale matches with friends

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If you are in search of more friends to play with, you can click on the black box on the left-hand side of the main menu to add users you’ve recently played against or search usernames. Although your match results won’t matter for these challenges, you will still want to use a powerful Legend to obtain eliminations and progress through the Battle Pass. We recommend using Season 2’s very own Rhapsody, as she offers plenty of unique strategies that can lead you to victory.