All Star Days 2024 Items in Ticker’s Shop in Warframe – Inventory & Prices

It’s time for Tenno to celebrate their love for each other with the Warframe Star Days event for Valentine’s Day by grabbing exclusive items.

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Most MMOs host time-limited events for players to get stuck into so they can benefit from some exclusive gear and cosmetics. Warframe is no different and has a lovely Valentine’s Day event called Star Days to keep players engrossed.

The annual Valentine’s Day event in Warframe is live for 2024. Star Days sees a time-limited vendor make their way to the Origin System to spread their love and encourage all players to do so as well. This is the time of year to get exclusive items and cosmetics to show off for the next 12 months. We adore it because it allows us to finally make our favorite Warframes look as fabulous as we feel while using them.

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Warframe Star Days Event Start & End Times

warframe star days cosmetics
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Warframe Star Days 2024 begins at 11 AM ET/8 AM PT/4 PM GMT on February 1, 2024, and ends on February 26, 2024 at the same time. Players will need to pick up every cosmetic or exclusive item they desire within this time. Otherwise, they’ll have to wait another year to get these lovely additions to their arsenal.

Every Star Days 2024 Items in Warframe

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Ticker is the Star Days vendor in Warframe each year who players can spend Debt Bonds with in exchange for her wares. 2024 sees some new items but also a massive slew of returning ones from previous years. We’ve listed each one below.

Returning Warframe Star Days Items

  • Acceltra Solstice Skin – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Cherub Color Palette – 25 Familial Debt Bonds
  • Eros Arrow Skin – 1 Training Debt Bond
  • Eros Wings Ephemera – 35 Training Debt Bonds
  • Frostfall Ephemera – 5 Medical Debt Bonds
  • Ignis Wraith Blueprint – 25 Advances Debt Bond
  • Kuva Solstice Cloak – 5 Medical Debt Bonds
  • Left Hand of Eros emote – 10 Familia Debt Bonds
  • Neon Eros Wings – 10 Familial Debt Bonds
  • Protea in Action Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Revenant in Action Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Right Hand of Eros emote – 10 Familia Debt Bonds
  • Skiajati Solstice Skin – 5 Medical Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Deimos Glyph – 15 Medical Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Gauss Glyph – 5 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Grineer Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Gyre Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Helminth Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Kavat Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Lavos Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Necramech Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Ordis Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Star Days Ticker Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Snipetron Blueprint -10 Advances Debt Bond
  • Star Days Yareli Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds
  • Ticker Floof – 10 Familial Debt Bonds
  • Xaku in Action Glyph – 10 Shelter Debt Bonds

New Warframe Star Days Items

  • Dual Swords Stavika Skin
  • Necramech Statue
  • Star Days Cervulite Pat Glyph
  • Star Days Qorvex Heart Glyph
  • Monotone Ember Glyph
  • Monotone Kullervo Glyph
  • Monotone Mesa Glyph
  • Monotone Octavia Glyph
  • Monotone Rhino Glyph
  • Monotone Styanax Glyph
  • Monotone Xaku Glyph

Warframe Star Days Items From the Market

Each of the following items can be purchased from the in-game market in Warframe instead of exclusively from Ticker.

  • Donwyn Glyph Pack II – 60 Platinum
    • Donwyn Glyph II – 20 Platinum
    • Donwyn Glyph VII – 20 Platinum
    • Donwyn Glyph VIII – 20 Platinum
    • Donwyn Glyph IX – 20 Platinum
  • Donwyn Glyph Pack – 60 Platinum
    • Donwyn Glyph I – 20 Platinum
    • Donwyn Glyph II – 20 Platinum
    • Donwyn Glyph III – 20 Platinum
    • Donwyn Glyph IV – 20 Platinum
    • Donwyn Glyph V – 20 Platinum

Warframe Star Days 2024 Merch

warframe star days merch
Image via Digital Extremes

For Star Days 2024 in Warframe, Digital Extremes has created a line of physical merchandise for players to purchase. The Ticker Floof Pin, Star Days Deimos Pin, Eros Wings Pin Set, and much more can be found on the official Warframe Merch Store. Note that these items won’t be available until 11 AM ET/8 AM PT/ 4 PM GMT on February 11, 2024. There’s no confirmed end date for these items, so they should be available for the foreseeable future.

How to Unlock Star Days Items in Warframe

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To unlock Star Days items in Waframe, players must visit Ticker, the event vendor, in th open world Corpus hub, Fortuna. Players can easily locate Ticker using the navigation tab on their ship and selecting Venus.

To purchase items from Ticker, players will need to spend Debt Bonds while Star Days is active. This is the currency players can earn by completing Bounty Hunts in the Orb Vallis open world. However, currency for a specific item can also be acquired by visiting Eudico. She’ll give players a set of missions to choose from and their potential rewards.

Screenshot Via Gamepur

A good farming route for all of the Star Days items in Warframe, because every player wants to purchase them all, is running missions on Orb Vallis to earn Debt Bonds and then visiting Ticker right after. This loop of earning and spending will keep players hungry for more, and they’ll have purchased everything in no time.