All Stranded Deep Cheats/Console Commands

How to use the developer console.

Stranded Deep is a challenging survival game set in the Pacific Ocean, forcing players to fight to survive on an island. While the game is relatively simple players can take advantage of the game’s developer console commands in adjust the game to their liking. While most of the commands are based on graphics changes, there are some commands to make the game much easier. (Note. some commands may not be available as the game continues to be updated)

Basic Commands

To first enter the developer console hit (\). When you type in a command, you can either type “true” or “false” to activate it. You can also type in the same command twice to toggle it on or off.

  • fps (True/False) – Displays FPS
  • dev.time (0-24) – This allows players to change the time of day 
  • help list – shows what commands you can use
  • help (command) – describes a certain command
  • clear – clears the command history
  • dev.log.dump – creates a log on your desktop
  • dev.log.view – shows player log in console
  • dev.log.clear – clears console log
  • (True/False) – adjusts fog display
  • dev.god – allows players to fly and not take damage, players will take fall damage if they are too high when it is toggled off
  • dev.console (True/False) – opens testing menu, allowing you to spawn items

Spawning items

Once the player has activated the command “dev.console true” this will put players in the developer mode. In this mode, press the “/” key to open up the item spawn menu. From here you can fabricate any item in the game with ease. This also has a quick button to enable Fly Mode, or God Mode.