All Styanax abilities in Warframe

Styanax is the tip of the spear.

image via Digital Extremes

Styanax will be the 50th Warframe and will arrive in the Veilbreaker update. Styanax was unveiled during Tennocon, and his Greek-influenced character design has abilities to match. Styanax’s is a stout defender, with a shield and spear capable of defense and offense in equal measure. This guide will break down all of Styanax’s abilities in Warframe and what they do.

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All of Styanax’s abilities in Warframe

image via Digital Extremes

Styanax is the 50th Warframe, and their origin was revealed with a fully animated trailer released during developer Digital Extreme’s Devstream 163 broadcast. Like other Warframes, Styanax has four primary abilities and a passive skill. He is also launching with a Voidshell skin.

Axios Javelin

Axios Javelin is Styanax’s first ability and will call upon his Javelin as a weapon. Any enemy struck by this weapon will be pushed back. You can use Axios Javelin to impale enemies into walls. Any impaled enemy will cause an area of effect damage burst, which will deal moderate damage to nearby enemies.

Tharros Strike

Tharros Strike is Styanax’s second ability and provides the Yin to Axios Javelin’s Yang. This ability will cause a shield bash ability that stuns enemies. Damaging enemies with the shield will reduce their shields and armor by 50%. Styanax will regenerate health for each enemy struck by this shield.

Rally Strike

Rally Strike is the third ability for Styanax and fulfills the Hoplite influence this Warframe is inspired by. Rally Strike will taunt and draw enemy fighters in. This taunt will also uplift your allies, regenerating their shields and energy based on how many enemies are near them.

Final Stand

Final Stand is Styanax’s last ability. This ability will cause him to rise into the air and throw a swarm of Axios Javelins. This move will literally cause enemies to fight in the shade and cause damage to any enemies near a thrown javelin. Direct hits with thrown weapons will have a significant damage boost.

Styanax’s passive ability will increase his critical hit chance based on how many shields he has at any given moment. Styanax will be released alongside the Veilbreaker update, which is expected to release in September. This update features co-op-enabled Archon boss fights, the return of Kahl, and various quality-of-life updates.