When is the release date for the Veilbreaker update in Warframe? Answered

For my brothers.

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The Veilbreaker update was initially unveiled during the Tennocon 2022 event. This update will feature a new quest, and fan favorite Grineer soldier Khal-175 is returning as a playable character. Khal is a character introduced during the New War questline, and he fights for his Grineer Queen and especially his brothers. This guide will explain the expected release date for the Veilbreaker update in Warframe.

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When is the Veilbreaker update releasing?

During Devstream 163, the team at Digital Extremes revealed a tentative September release date for the Veilbreaker update in Warframe. This update will also feature Styanax, the 50th Warframe. Styanax is a Greek-inspired Warframe sporting a spear and shield. His fighting style resembles Hoplites and features offense and defense in equal measure.

Veilbreaker is a significant update featuring a new slate of quests, various quality-of-life updates, and updates to older mechanics and gameplay systems. The Archons, fearsome bosses encountered during the New War questline, are back and deadlier than before. They have been updated to make them a challenge, even for a group of players.

The Archons were boss fights that players had to fight alone during the New War, and they will now be available to fight with up to four players. These boss fights will have rewards and unlocks for eager players ready to fight these Archons.

Some of the areas Veilbreaker will adjust are long-standing game mechanics such as enemy armor, Rivens, and how crowd control works across Warframe’s combat encounters.

The Veilbreaker is a significant update and will be a prelude to the next major Warframe expansion, the Duviri Paradox. Players must complete the New War questline to begin the Veilbreaker update. Additional changes are coming in Veilbreaker to lower entry barriers on the New War quest. Prepare your best Grineer fashion Use Kahl-175 in this major Warframe update.