Current Apex Legends map rotation for Season 13: Saviors

The latest season features three maps and shorter rotation times.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Most of the time, your favorite seasons in Apex Legends come down to just one thing – their map rotations. Although players won’t see the rotation carry a new map in Season 13: Saviors, the season does deliver a handful of new structures — and one massive beast — to the Storm Point map. The rotation also bears two additional maps and shorter wait times to play all three. Here’s what to expect from Apex Legend’s current rotation.

At least for the newest season, the current map rotation will no longer last up to two hours. Those in the classic Battle Royale mode will now see map swaps taking place every hour or one hour and 30 minutes. More importantly, the new rotation has stored away King’s Canyon for now, in favor of another classic map.

All maps in the Apex Legends Battle Royale map rotation

  • Storm Point: As the season’s biggest highlight, Storm Point now features a new named location, Downed Beast, and is set between The Mill and Checkpoint. New IMC Armories have also been dispersed around Storm Point. These structures include AI Spectres players can battle for top-tier rewards.
  • Olympus: Olympus continues to survive the vault and features all of the several changes made from Season 12. That means players can still roam the Phase Driver POI set near Hydroponics and visit the Terminal location on the south side of the map.
  • World’s Edge: After being vaulted away in Season 12, World’s Edge has returned with all of the changes made from Season 10. These changes include newer POIs, such as Lava Siphon, Climatizer, and a larger Lava Fissure.

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