Current Apex Legends map rotation for Season 16: Revelry

Revelry brings a fresh set of maps to both casual and Ranked battle royale modes.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has been offering a rotation of three battle royale maps in recent seasons, and this pattern continues once again in Season 16: Revelry — but with a slight twist. Instead of keeping its map rotation exclusive to standard battle royale modes, those in Ranked will also see the same set of maps switch between each other. So, whether you are a casual Duos player or someone desiring the coveted Apex Predator rank, here are the maps you will see in Season 16 of Apex Legends.

All maps in the Apex Legends battle royale map rotation

  • Broken Moon
    • Broken Moon is the newest of the bunch and holds a whopping 14 different points of interest. More importantly, it is the only Apex Games location to hold zipline rails, allowing Legends to travel through numerous points of interest at greater speeds than basic ziplines.
  • Storm Point
    • Storm Point finally returns after being shelved all of last season. It takes the form of its Season 13: Saviors variant, dazzling newer areas like Downed Beast and IMC Armories — the latter of which can be found all throughout the map.
  • World’s Edge
    • World’s Edge is sitting tight once again, as the map has been available in every rotation since Season 13. The map continues to sport each change made back in Season 10, dawning Hammond Robotic’s Lava Siphon and Climatizer locations.

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While the rotation did last change in the middle of Season 15, it has not been said whether Revelry will have a revamped map rotation later on. For now, the listed maps will shuffle between each other every 15 minutes in casual matches, while a different map will come to Ranked play every 24 hours. Additionally, if your favorite map did not make the cut this season, there are still plenty of other locations to see. For instance, Team Deathmatch bears three smaller maps of its own, each based on POIs in battle royale maps.