All The Knight perks in Dead by Daylight

The Knight is ready to hunt.

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The Knight is a dangerous Killer joining the Dead by Daylight roster. It will be released in the Forged in Fog chapter update alongside Vittorio Toscano, a scholar in the mystic arts. When playing as The Knight, you’ll be making use of its many terrifying minions to try and track down the other players, but you’ll also have a handful of unique perks available to this character you can give to your other Killers. This guide covers all perks for The Knight in Dead by Daylight.

All perks for The Knight in Dead by Daylight and how they work

The Knight will have three perks when you unlock this character. Nowhere to Hide, a Hex called Face the Darkness, and Hubris.

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Nowhere to Hide

The Nowhere to Hide perk will work for a Killer whenever they damage a generator that a Survivor had been working on, any Survivor standing within 24 meters of the Killers position will have their aura revealed for 3/4/5 seconds. This is a good way to track down any Survivors attempting to hide for you while they work on a generator, with their friends trying to distract you.

Hex: Face the Darkness

The Hex: Face the Darkness starts as an inactive Hex; if the Killer injures a Survivor, a Dull Totem becomes lit, and a Hex goes on that Survivor. While the Hex is active on that Survivor, any Survivor outside of the Killer’s Terror Radius will scream, revealing their position and auras for two seconds. The Survivors can see the aura of the hexed Survivor for 12/10/8 seconds. When the cursed Survivor goes down or receives full health, the Hex is lifted, and the Hex Totem becomes unlit. However, if a Survivor cleanses the Hex totem, Face the Darkness permanently becomes unavailable for the remainder of the match.


The final perk, Hubris, works so whenever the Killer is stunned by a Survivor, the Survivor suffers from the Exposed status for 10/15/20 seconds. Hubris will have a cooldown of 20 seconds.