All the Live Modes in Ensemble Stars Music

How will you perform on stage?

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Ensemble Stars Music is a free-to-play rhythm gacha game that features a few different game modes. This ensures that players won’t get bored anytime soon when playing the game.

The Live Modes in Ensemble Stars explained

There are five Live modes that you can play in the game. However, they either have to be unlocked by leveling up your Rank or by progressing through the game in some way or another.

  • Expert Live: Once you complete Infinite Live Level 50, you’ll unlock Expert Live. As the name implies, Expert Live is a mode where you’ll only be playing the Expert-version of songs. This mode is only for those that like a challenge.
  • Live: Once you complete enough of the game’s story, you’ll unlock the ability to play songs whenever you want freely. Unlike in the game’s story mode, you’ll be able to select the song, pick the difficulty, and earn rewards based on your performance.

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  • Ensemble Live: This mode is multiplayer Live, allowing you to play Lives with other players. Right before matching you up with other players, you’ll be asked to make up your team based on the day’s attribute (Brilliant, Flash, Glitter, or Sparkle.) Afterward, you’ll be put into a match with other players, then you’ll all be asked to pick a song, and your difficulty. Finally, you’ll be put into your match. Once the Live is finished, you’ll be shown the overall score which is everyone’s scores combined, your individual score, and then your Ranking, Your Ranking is determined by how much you contributed. So, if you have a powerful team, you can expect to be placed high,
  • Infinite Live: This is unlocked once you reach Player Rank 6. In this mode, you’ll need to hit a target score and if you’re able to clear the song, you get Infinite Live Tokens in exchange. These Tokens can be used to purchase items from the Infinite Live Shop. As you get further into Infinite Live, the songs and scores get much harder, so you’ll have to level up your cards or get higher rarity cards from the gacha.
  • Starry Live: Starry Live will have players play three random songs. After completing each song, you’ll receive Diamonds. Once all three songs are finished, the list will refresh. This mode will open up when you reach Player Rank 10.