How to get diamonds in Ensemble Stars Music

Diamonds aren’t cheap!

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In Ensemble Stars Music, diamonds are the premium currency you need if you’ll want to pull from the gacha pools. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to earn free diamonds in the game without you needing to spend money.

Daily log-ins

By far the easiest way, although the slowest, to get diamonds in the game is by logging into the game daily. Once you accumulate enough log-ins, the game will give you some free diamonds, although the amount won’t be much. Occasionally, the game will give out free diamonds to celebrate reaching a milestone or celebrating the game’s anniversary.


Events are a good way to grind up Diamonds. You can get Diamonds through Events by either earning enough points or finishing the Event at a certain rank. You can gain additional points by having the corresponding cards obtained through the Event Scout.


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With this being a rhythm game, you’ll be spending all your time playing songs. You can get Diamonds by clearing specific objectives on songs, which you can check by hitting the Rewards tab on any song. The number of Diamonds you can earn on a Song will change depending on the difficulty you’re playing on.

  • Getting an S+ Full Combo (Only Greats and Prefects): 50 Diamonds
  • Reaching all Score Milestones (Easy & Normal): 110 Diamonds
  • Reaching all Score Milestones (Hard & Expert): 120 Diamonds:
  • Clearing a Song Once: 50 Diamonds
  • Clearing a Song 100 times: 50 Diamonds

Outside of the Clear rewards, all your other rewards will refresh if you change the difficulty setting. So, if you manage to fully combo a song or get an S+ on Easy, you can get the Diamonds for doing the same thing on Normal difficulty.

Reading Stories

Outside of logging in daily, another simple way to get Diamonds in the game is to read the Main Story as well as Event Stories and Idol Stories. You’ll unlock Event Stories by getting enough points to unlock them. For Idol Stories, you have to unlock them via the Idol Road.

Completing Rehearsals

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In addition to the Episodes, you’ll be asked to complete Rehearsals, which are Lives that serve as breaks from the text-heavy Episodes. Rehearsals have two goals for you to complete that will reward you with 100 Diamond each upon completion.