All Types of Pal Eggs in Palworld & How to Hatch Them

Pal Eggs are a great way to obtain new companions, but hatching them requires a few more steps than just sticking it in a bag.

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Pal Eggs are items you can find all across Palworld in little nests. Odds are, you’ve already found an abandoned egg before you have the equipment to hatch it.

Hatching Pal Eggs is a great way to fill out your Pal Dex without catching every Pal you encounter. Each Pal Egg is different, even among those of the same type, depending on size. In this article, we’ll go over all the Pal Eggs you can find, where you can most likely find them, and how to hatch them once you’ve gotten them safely back to your base.

Where Are Pal Eggs Hidden in Palworld?

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You can find Pal Eggs almost anywhere in the world in Palworld. And while it may seem that their spawn location is random, they are not. Each egg, much like Lifmunk Effigies, is set in an established location, as hidden or obvious as each may be. You can often find them at points of great interest, such as on peaks. Other places Pal Eggs can be found are in little nooks and crannies throughout the world, relatively hidden from view unless you go seeking secrets.

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If you’re good at secret hunting, much like for Lifmunk Effigies, finding these eggs shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge. Pal Eggs of any type can spawn anywhere, meaning that you won’t necessarily find Scorching Eggs in hot areas or Frozen Eggs in the cold, although you certainly can find these types in their biomes. Damp Eggs can be found outside of water, while Dark Eggs can be found in the open sunlight.

How to Hatch Pal Eggs in Palworld

Defeating the Boss and Acquiring Ancient Technology Point.
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Hatching Pal Eggs requires the Egg Incubator. This item is tethered to the Technology tab in the main menu for Palworld.

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How to Build an Egg Incubator in Palworld

Egg Incubator Palworld Technology

To unlock the Egg Incubator, you need to progress to Technology Level 7 and earn one Ancient Technology Point. You can do this by defeating any Boss or Alpha Pal in the wild or their dungeon. It doesn’t matter which you defeat, so pursue the one that is most close to your level.

To unlock the Egg Incubator, you need to progress to Technology Level 7 and earn one Ancient Technology Point. You can do this by defeating any Boss or Alpha Pal in the wild or their dungeon. It doesn’t matter which you defeat, so pursue the one that is most close to your level.

Here is the recipe that you can use to build your own incubator. You need the following materials to make it.

  • Cloth – 5
  • Stone – 30
  • Paldium Fragment – 10
  • Ancient Civilization Parts – 2

Once you have the Egg Incubator, you can start hatching Pal Eggs at your base. You can find the following eggs wherever you go in Palworld if you keep an eye out for them.

All Egg Types in Palworld and Hatching Tips

You can discover a variety of eggs in Palworld, including Common, Dark, Dragon, Rocky, Electric, Scorching, Frozen, Verdant, and Damp eggs. Check out the list of egg types below, along with the Pals we’ve hatched from them. We’ll update the list with new eggs and the Pals that hatch from them, so make sure to check back regularly.

Egg typeEgg descriptionPotential Pals
Common EggNeutralGaleclaw, Eikthyrdeer, Direhowl, Ribunny
Large Common EggNeutralLovander, Lunaris
Huge Common EggNeutralKingpaca
Dark EggDarkCawgnito
Large Dark EggDarkTombat, Nox
Huge Dark EggDarkLyleen Noct, Menasting
Dragon EggDragonTBD
Large Dragon EggDragonTBD
Huge Dragon EggDragonAstegon, Jormuntide, Jormuntide Ignis, Relaxaurus
Rocky EggGroundHangyu, Fuddler
Large Rocky EggGroundDigtoise
Huge Rocky EggGroundWarsect
Electric EggElectricDazzi, Sparkit, Jolthog
Large Electric EggElectricRayhound, Dinossom Lux, Univolt
Huge Electric EggElectricGrizzbolt
Scorching EggFireFlambelle, Vanwyrm, Leezpunk Ignis, Kelpsea Ignis
Large Scorching EggFireRagnahawk, Wixen, Pyrin, Bushi
Huge Scorching EggFireSuzaku, Blazehowl Noct
Frozen EggIceMau Cryst, Sweepa
Large Frozen EggIceFoxcicle, Vanwyrm Cryst, Sweepa
Huge Frozen EggIceCryolinx, Ice Kingpaca, Mammorest Cryst
Verdant EggGrassFlopie, Tanzee, Caprity
Large Verdant EggGrassRobinquill Terra, Dinossom
Huge Verdant EggGrassVerdash
Damp EggWaterCeleray
Large Damp EggWaterPenking
Huge Damp EggWaterSuzaku Aqua

Palworld Incubation Speed

Pal Eggs are highly responsive to their environment. Although they will hatch regardless of the temperature they are exposed to, you can accelerate their incubation process by providing them with optimal conditions. Below is a quick reference guide to help you achieve a 100% incubation success rate in Palworld.

Egg TypeHatching Tip
Common EggStandard temperature sufficient
Electric EggStandard temperature sufficient
Frozen EggRequires Cooler
Damp EggRequires Cooler  
Dark EggRequires Cooler  
Dragon EggRequires Electric Heater
Verdant EggRequires Heater
Rocky EggRequires Electric Heater  
Scorching EggRequires Heater

What Does it Mean if My Pal Egg is Large?

A Large Dark Egg in Palworld.
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Sometimes, while searching for Pal Eggs, you’ll encounter one that is Large instead of just a standard Pal Egg. These will have Large in the name and hold the likelihood of rare Pals hatching out. It’s not guaranteed that a Pal will be rarer from this egg, but the chances are significantly higher. For example, a regular Damp Egg I found hatched a Pengullet, while a Large Damp Egg I hatched was a Penking.

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What Does it Mean When a Pal Egg is Too Cold or Too Hot?

Damp Egg in Palworld.
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Pal Eggs each have a preference for how cold or how hot they want to be to hatch in the least amount of incubation time. While providing the optimal temperature settings is far from necessary for hatching, it can help speed up the process. Dark Eggs, for example, prefer to be a little cold, but a complete lack of heat will result in the Egg feeling just a little cold. The same is true with Damp Eggs.

If you want your Egg to hatch quickly in Palworld as, consider placing some sources of heat near the incubation chamber, such as a torch, campfire, fireplace, or heater.