All UFO Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

Out of this world.

The map has not changed much in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, but you can find some interesting new things on it. Foremost among them are some UFOs that players can use to fly around, abduct things with. and destroy the various buildings on the island with.

There are currently five UFOs that can be found on the map, but there is also a way to find more of them in each match you play.

  1. Durr Burger Restaurant near Weeping Woods
  2. The Green Steel Bridge near Corny Complex
  3. Camp Cod on the south coast of the island
  4. Steamy Stacks
  5. Dirty Docks

At these locations, players can find the crashed UFOs, some IO Guards, and usually, some IO Chests as well that contain plenty of loot. The UFOs are not particularly tough and will get downed pretty quickly by combined fire from enemies. Their energy cannon does plenty of area of effect damage to structures, however.

Players can also find manned UFOs in each game by paying attention to the map at the start of each round. There will be a small number of named locations that have purple text instead of the usual white. These are home to aliens, with UFOs on patrol in those areas.

Head straight there from the Battle Bus means you can take on the aliens and get your hands on alien weapons and tech at the very start of the match.