All Unova Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO

Image via Niantic

Unova Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Go in September. Unlocked as part of the Ultra Bonus weeks, a handful of Unova Pokémon will begin to spawn in Pokémon Go. For now, only a handful have been confirmed, and some teased but unconfirmed.

The initial announcement confirmed three base Pokémon from Unova headed to Pokémon Go. While the video posted on the official Pokémon Go Twitter also highlighted the starters, there is no mention of them in the official notes for the event. The three base Pokémon, their shiny variations, and likely their evolutions are at least confirmed for Pokémon Go.

The confirmed list of Unova Pokémon for Pokémon Go is:

  • Patrat
  • Lillipup
  • Klink

The implied list based on the above base Pokémon is:

  • Patrat
  • Watchog
  • Lillipup
  • Herdier
  • Stoutland
  • Klink
  • Klang
  • Klinklang

Pokémon Go’s Twitter shows off Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott, implying the three starter Pokémon will be somehow involved, but they also might be a representation for the region. It would be a pretty cruel way to introduce the region, however, by swapping the three starters with three fairly common Pokémon.

The confirmed Pokémon, Patrat, Lillipup, and Klink, will come to Pokémon Go beginning September 16, for Ultra Bonus week 3. More Unova Pokémon are likely to come shortly after.