All Valorant Episode 3, Act 3 battle pass rewards

Up for grabs.

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Image via Riot Games

A new Act is on the way for Valorant, which means a new Battle Pass. Episode 3, Act will have an all new BP that players can work through, as well as a new agent for them to get to grips with in the form of Chamber.

The Battle Pass will cost 1000 VP, and features cosmetics that are relevant for Halloween, Christmas, and New Years. The Battle Pass will also feature Gun Buddies, new trinkets that you can hang from your gun that look very cute.

The Battle Pass also contains a total of 12 player cards, including a new Chamber card, and other season fun stuff like some of the agents building snowmen.

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You can get the Goldwing skin for the Ares, Ghost, Judge, and Classic, while the Genesis skin will be available for the Bucky, Bulldog, Shorty, Operator, and Melee. Finally, the Aero skin will be available for the Guardian, Frenzy, Phantom, and Spectre.

Key Features

  • Price: 1,000 VP
  • Marquee Items
    • Free
      • Aero Frenzy with variants
      • Edible Ornament Gun Buddy
      • Get the Picture Gun Buddy
      • Kingdoms Divided Player Card
      • Plant Plant Spray
    • Paid
      • Genesis Arc Melee
      • Aero Phantom with variants
      • Genesis Operator
      • Goldwing Ghost
      • Dumpster Fire Gun Buddy
      • Winner Winner Gun Buddy
      • Versus // KAY/O + Brimstone Card
      • Unstoppable // Viper Card
      • Turn it Up, Rudy Spray
  • What is the duration of the pass?
    • 10 weeks (11/02/21–01/11/22)