All Warframe Lunar New Year 2024 Cosmetics & How to Get Them

Warframe is getting a slew of cosmetics alongside its Lunar new Year 2024 event, allowing players to get in the mood.

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Image via Digital Extremes

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Thanks to a massive player base and gripping content, developer Digital Extremes is continuously adding new content to its more than a decade-old Warframe title. Each Lunar New Year, the game gets a new set of cosmetic bundles, and 2024 sees many from past years return.

MMOs often become bloated with the amount of content added to them over the years. With ten years under its belt Warframe is a great example of a game that’s managed to avoid unnecessary bloat by having carefully chosen unique content added over a few events and updates each year. One of the best events that gets updated each year is the Lunar New Year event, which gives players a chance to pick up a few new items to make their Warframes shine.

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All Warframe Lunar New Year 2024 Event Cosmetics & How to Get Them

warframe lunar new year event 2024 cosmetic
Screenshot by Gamepur

In the table below, we’ve listed every item available for players to purchase during the Warframe Lunar New Year 2024. This list includes everything players can get using both in-game currency and Platinum, which is used for premium bundles.

At the time of writing, Baro Ki’Teer has yet to arrive with the items he’s offering to players during the Warframe Lunar New Year 2024 Event. Once he turns up, we’ll add his inventory to the table. The one item we do know he’ll have is listed already.

Cosmetic Item/BundlePrice
Xianglong Ephemera60 Platinum
Chroma Zunlong Skin165 Platinum
Red Coral Bundle
7 Day Affinity Booster
20,000x Kuva
200,000 Credits
Chroma Zunlong Floof
Nukor Lunaeus Skin
135 Platinum
Fire Agate Bundle
7 Day Credit Booster
7 Day Resource Booster
30,000x Kuva
300,000 Credtis
Lunar Renewal Theme
Lunar Renewal Background
Lunar Renewal Soar Sigil
Dual Swords Lunaeus Skin
Baochun Sugatra Zaw Riven Mod
Kitgun Riven Mod
295 Platinum
Dragon Stone Bundle
7 Day Affinity Booster
7 Day Credit Booster
7 Day Resource Booster
50,000x Kuva
500,000 Credits
Chroma Zunlong Skin
Xianglong Ephemera
Ogris Lunaeus Skin
Lunar Renewal Dragon Flourish
Rifle Riven Mod
Melee Riven Mod
Pistol Riven Mod
Dragondance Sentinel Skin
Dragondance Sentinel Mask
Dragondance Sentinel Wings
Dragondance Sentinel Tail
575 Platinum
Lunar Renewal Calligraphy Poster1 Credit
Jiachen Glyph1 Credit
Lunar Renewal Dragon Emblem (Baro Ki’Teer)TBA

Can You Buy Warframe Lunar New Year 2024 Items Individually?

Warframe marketplace
Screenshot by Gamepur

Yes, players can purchase all the cosmetic items from each Warframe Lunar New Year 2024 event bundle individually by opening the bundles in the in-game market and selecting the item they want. Each one is priced separately, but buying them all this way may end up being more expensive than buying the bundle as a whole.

When Does the Warframe Lunar New Year 2024 Event Start?

Image via Digital Extremes

The Warframe Lunar New Year Event for 2024 starts at 9 AM ET on January 26, 2024, and ends at the same time on January 28, 2024. Between these dates, players will have the chance to buy any of the premium bundles from the in-game store, as well as those on offer from Baro Ki’Teer.