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All weapon types in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and how they work

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a tough game that requires the utmost concentration to survive. You will be facing a variety of enemies in the game, from strong humans to demonic beasts. To defeat them, you will need a variety of weapons. Fortunately, the game has a large number of weapon types for players to use. So, with that in mind, here are all the weapon types in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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All Weapon Types in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


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Bows are ranged weapons that are light and quick. They do a considerable amount of damage against weaker enemies. They also have a quick nock speed that can be useful for shooting faster.


Crossbows are another type of ranged weapons that is much heavier than bows but deals more damage. They require the player to be still to fire and also take quite some time to reload.

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Curved Sabres

Curved Sabres are light and quick in dealing with multiple enemies as they are used in performing sweeping attacks and thrusting attacks.

Dual Halberds

Dual Halberds are particularly useful in dealing with a group of enemies as there are two of them. They are useful for players with an agile playstyle.

Dual Sabres

Dual Sabres are amazing to use when one wants to perform quick slashes to enemies and are much more aggressive than the standard variants.

Dual Swords

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Dual Swords also are quick like the Dual Sabres but deal less damage. Although, they do excel in performing a lot of slashes and strikes in short succession.


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Glaives have a slow recovery rate when used and can be quite hard to get a hang of. But, once players understand how to use them, they can do some amazing damage.

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Halberds are long weapons like spears and glaives and can do some serious piercing damage, particularly in medium-range encounters.


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Hammers are two-handed weapons that deal crushing blows to all kinds of enemies, especially the bigger ones.


Poleaxes are long weapons that are well-balanced between mobility and damage. Players can use these to perform thrusting attacks as well as sweeping attacks to take out multiple enemies and also big bosses.

Repeating Crossbows

Repeating Crossbows are the lighter variant of the Crossbows and have a quick fire rate. They excel in short to mid-range encounters.

Slashing Spears

Slashing Spears are similar to the standard ones but have a curved blade which results in a bit more damage. They are also beneficial in long-range encounters by performing thrusting attacks.


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Spears are for players who are more defensive in their approach and don’t want to face the enemies head-on. Like the Slashing Spears, they deal with thrusting attacks on enemies.


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Staffs are light and quick weapons and can be used for rapid thrusting attacks against weaker enemies. They can also be used on stronger ones, but require the utmost mastery.


Staves are useful for performing quick and rapid attacks and counters but are considerably tricky to master. But, once understood, they can be formidable in combat.

Straight Sabres

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Straight Sabres have a wider range in terms of attacks compared to the curved variant and are also great for beginners as they are well-balanced.


Swords are also particularly useful for beginners like the Straight Sabres. They have a good balance between speed and damage which makes them suitable for any type of player.

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