All XP Coin Locations – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 – Green, Blue, Purple, Gold

Collect a complete set.


XP Coins in Fortnite are a great source of weekly XP if you are looking to level up your Battle Pass. Each week, a selection of XP Coins will appear on the map for your to find. They can be Green, Blue, Purple, or Gold.

Green Coins are worth 5000 XP, Blue Coins are worth 6500 XP, and Purple Coins break up into lots of smaller coins, but if you grab them all, they are worth 10,300 XP in total. Make sure to build a box around the Purple coins before picking them up, as it will make them much easier to collect. The single Gold Coin is worth 15,000 XP.

In Chapter 2 Season 5, the Coins started to appear in Week 7. You can find an overall map showing all locations from the season below. You can also find maps for each week, starting at Week 7, with some descriptions of where you will find the coins.

Please note, one big change between this season and last season is that you no longer need to break items to find the Blue XP Coins, and they now spawn in water instead.

All Chapter 2 Season 5 XP Coins

Image via Gamepur

All Week 7 Locations

  • Green Coin #1 – on the coast to the southeast of Flush Factory
  • Green Coin #2 – on the heart-shaped island on the west coast of the island
  • Green Coin #3 – on the eastern wall of the Stealthy Stronghold
  • Green Coin #4 – at the Timber Tent to the south of Sweaty Sands
  • Blue Coin #1 – in the water between the two islands in Lazy Lake
  • Blue Coin #2 – In the water on the eastern side of Coral Castle, near the large waterfall
  • Blue Coin #3 – in the water to the south of Dirty Docks
  • Purple Coin #1 – to the southeast of the Radio Station
  • Purple Coin #2 – at the campsite on the mountain to the south of Catty Corner
  • Gold Coin – underneath the wing of the Razor Crest, to the southeast of Colossal Colesium.

All Week 8 Locations

  • Green Coin #1 – on the bank of the river in Weeping Woods
  • Green Coin #2 – on just below Salty Towers
  • Green Coin #3 – on the edge of the desert below the river
  • Green Coin #4 – at Hunter’s Haven near the Predator’s apartment. It is right under the overhanging part of the southern side of the apartment
  • Blue Coin #1 – west of Slurpy Swamp
  • Blue Coin #2 – to the north of Retail Row
  • Blue Coin #3 – at Shipwreck Cove
  • Purple Coin #1 – on the hill that runs down to Slurpy Swamp from the road
  • Purple Coin #2 – in the cornfields at Steel Farm
  • Gold Coin – the Gold Coin can be found in the helicopter hanging from a tree in Stealthy Stronghold.

All Week 9 Locations

  • Green Coin #1 – in some trees to the southeast of Pleasant Park
  • Green Coin #2 – on a pipe at the side of a building in Steamy Stacks
  • Green Coin #3 – near a broken wall of a building in the desert near the Zero Point
  • Green Coin #4 – in some trees about half way from Retail Row to Catty Corner
  • Blue Coin #1 – in the water to the east of Camp Cod
  • Blue Coin #2 – at a bend in a river in the desert, underneath an overhanging rock
  • Blue Coin #3 – in the water off the coast of Crashed Cargo
  • Purple Coin #1 – near some trees at the house to the northwest of Holly Hedges.
  • Purple Coin #2 – in the swamp to the southwest of the Slurp factory
  • Gold Coin – at the Durr Burger restaurant. It is actually in the factory beside it, up in the rafters.

Week 10 Locations

  • Green Coin #1 – On the coast to the east of Retail Row
  • Green Coin #2 – To the southeast of Lazy Lake, at the restaurant patio area.
  • Green Coin #3 – between the Farmers Market and the Pizza Pit, in a shipping container beside the road
  • Green Coin #4 – Near the shack on the small island to the northeast of Stealthy Stronghold
  • Blue Coin #1 – Under the bridge at Weeping Woods, in the water.
  • Blue Coin #2 – Under the nose of the shark at Sharky
  • Blue Coin #3 – beneath the blue bridge, to the east of Pleasant Park
  • Purple Coin #1 – North of Lazy Lake
  • Purple Coin #2 – southeast of Pleasant Park, on a nice hill that everything can roll down
  • Gold Coin – At the Flush Factory on the east side

Week 11 XP Coin Locations

  • Green Coin #1 – At Fort Crumpet to the northwest of Sweaty Sands
  • Green Coin #2 – Near the powerline tower to the northwest of Dirty Docks
  • Green Coin #3 – On a hill on the southeast edge of Weeping Woods
  • Green Coin #4 – On the mountain to the west of Camp Cod
  • Blue Coin #1 – At the bend in the river to the east of the Green Steel Bridge
  • Blue Coin #2 – In the water near the boathouse, west of Lazy Lake
  • Blue Coin #3 – In the ocean to the south of Holly Hedges, near the boathouse
  • Purple Coin #1 – To the northwest of Salty Towers
  • Purple Coin #2 – To the southeast of Retail Row
  • Gold Coin – Inside the seasonal store near Holly Hedges

Week 12 Locations

  • Green Coin #1 – Slightly northwest of Stealthy Stronghold
  • Green Coin #2 – South of the Grumpy Greens POI, on the last outcrop of green land before the desert begins
  • Green Coin #3 – Southwest of the store near Holly Hedges
  • Green Coin #4 – At the northwest corner of Misty Meadows
  • Blue Coin #1 – Northwest of Craggy Cliffs, between the island and the small peninsula
  • Blue Coin #2 – North of Dirty Docks
  • Blue Coin #3 -Underneath the bridge that connects Camp Cod to the mainland.
  • Purple Coin #1 – Slightly east of Shanty Town
  • Purple Coin #2 – On the south side of the island, to the southeast of Apres Ski
  • Gold Coin – In the desert, just north of the Zero Point.

Week 13 Locations

  • Green Coin #1 – on a small peninsula to the west of Coral Castle
  • Green Coin #2 – directly south of Craggy Cliffs
  • Green Coin #3 – near the scattered houses to the south of Misty Meadows
  • Green Coin #4 – near the small shop to the south of Catty Corner
  • Blue Coin #1 – between the waterfalls to the south of Coral Castle
  • Blue Coin #2 – near the dam at Hydro 16
  • Blue Coin #3 -in the shallow, twisting river to the southeast corner of the desert.
  • Purple Coin #1 – just to the northwest of Retail Row
  • Purple Coin #2 – directly south of Steamy Stacks
  • Gold Coin – At the Colossal Coliseum, in the southeast corner.

Week 14 Locations

  • Green Coin #1 – on the beach at Sweaty Sands
  • Green Coin #2 – southeast of Holly Hedges
  • Green Coin #3 – at the gas station in the south of Weeping Woods
  • Green Coin #4 – west of Retail Row
  • Blue Coin #1 – To the south of Slurpy Swamp
  • Blue Coin #2 – off the coast to the southeast of Retail Row
  • Blue Coin #3 -in the small inlet to the west of Steamy Stacks
  • Purple Coin #1 – southwest of Dirty Docks
  • Purple Coin #2 – directly north of Pleasant Park
  • Gold Coin – At Salty Towers