Does Among Us have cross-progression?

Can you bring your silly hats from PC to console?

The Airship Among Us promo image

Image via Innersloth

With a new account system coming with the Airship update for Among Us, you can create and change your username to form a unique in-game identity. Having usernames also adds a new sense of accountability, as you can report other players who may be behaving inappropriately. However, the main question is if you can carry these accounts to other platforms, as Among Us has crossplay between PC, mobile, and consoles. Can you bring your new cosmetics and statistics from one platform to another with Among Us?

As of the update’s launch, these accounts are locked on the platform you create them on. If you started playing Among Us on Steam, any cosmetics and skins that you buy on Steam will be stuck on the Steam version of the game. There is no way to log into this PC Among Us account on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, for example. At least, that’s the case for now. Developer Innersloth mentioned in a blog post that a form of cross-progression is still in the works.

According to the March 24 post, Innersloth hopes to add “a friend system and the ability to transfer your cosmetics between devices.” As of now, you cannot link accounts you have on separate devices, even between different PC platforms like Steam and Epic Games Store; however, the feature will be “coming soon,” the post clarifies. While Among Us does not have cross-progression yet, Innersloth makes it sound likely that the feature will arrive in a future update — it’s just a matter of when.