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Updated October 16, 2023

We looked for more codes today!

Like many Roblox games, the upcoming title Anime Tales takes inspiration from the most popular anime and manga series. In this game, you will have a chance to play as your favorite anime characters, visit familiar locations, and learn how to master powerful abilities, all while exploring a vibrant world.

Anime Tales is still in development, which means that there are still no codes to speak of. This also means that we still don’t know what kinds of boosts and bonuses these codes will provide, but you should check back regularly to look for updates when the codes are finally released.

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All Roblox Anime Tales codes list

Roblox Anime Tales codes (Working)

  • No active codes!

Roblox Anime Tales codes (Expired)

These are all expired codes for Roblox Anime Tales.

  • STATREVAMP – Get 50 Son of Karma, 30 minutes of 1.5x Training, and 500 Gems
  • world2 – Get 250 Gems, x20 Son of Karma, 5 Transmute Stones, and 1.5x Training
  • updatepls – Get 200 Gems, 1.5x Training, and 1 Transmute Stone
  • UPDATE2 – Get Gems and Coins
  • 10KBLUEBIRD – Get Gems and Coins
  • morefix – Get Gems and Coins
  • 10KLIKES – Get 35 Gems and 350 Coins
  • REROLL – Get 50 Gems and 2 Transmute Stones
  • devilfruits – Get 100 Gems, 500 Coins, and 1.5x Training
  • DOWNSORRY – Get 1 Invincibility and 1.5 Training
  • TY1M – Get 250 Coins, 250 Gems, and a 1.5x Training Boost
  • ANIMETALES – Get in-game rewards
  • Dysche – Get in-game rewards
  • RELEASE – Get in-game rewards
  • SUBTOKELVINGTS – Get free gems, coins, and an EXP boost

How to redeem codes in Roblox Anime Tales

The upcoming Roblox game Anime Tales is still in the development and testing phase, which means that there is currently no way of redeeming codes. However, as soon as the code redemption feature is added to the game, we will update this article to explain how to claim free codes.

How to find more Roblox Anime Tales codes

To get more codes for Anime Tales, you should keep an eye on this guide, which we’ll update with new codes as they are released. You should also follow the game’s social media accounts. For example, you should join the developer’s Anime Tales Discord server, follow them on the Anime Tales Twitter account, and subscribe to the Anime Tales YouTube channel. By doing all of that, you’ll also be able to keep up with the news about the game, stay in touch with the community, and even get new codes.

Why are my codes not working in Roblox Anime Tales?

There are several reasons why the codes may not work. For example, you may have misspelled the code, used the wrong caps, or left a blank space that shouldn’t be there. For that reason, copying and pasting codes directly from the list into the text box is usually the best and easiest way to avoid these mistakes. Besides that, codes can expire, so you may have tried redeeming an expired code. Also, codes are often one-use only, and you might be trying to enter a code that you have already redeemed.

What is Roblox Anime Tales about?

Anime Tales is an upcoming Roblox RPG experience in which you can play surrounded by some of your favorite anime characters, locations, and more. You can explore the world and go on adventures as one of the dozens of popular anime character archetypes, such as a pirate, ninja, Saiyan, and many others.