Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event – Start date, cosmetics, and modes

The battle royale will celebrate the Lunar New Year with a new mode and 24 shiny cosmetics.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Although Apex Legends Season 15 has already had two content-filled events, it has one more to host before the next season kicks off. Functioning as a Lunar New Year celebration, Celestial Sunrise will be the season’s last collection event and looks to bring a total of two dozen zodiac-themed cosmetics. Additionally, those participating can venture into a punishing, new LTM and earn a dazzling new reactive Peacekeeper skin. Here’s everything you need to know about the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event in Apex Legends.

What is the start date of the Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event?

As a pleasant surprise, the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event is officially scheduled to begin directly after the Spellbound event concludes, taking place on January 24 at 1 PM ET. The Lunar New Year festivities will then continue until February 7, just one week before Season 16 is scheduled to begin. Thus, players will have exactly two weeks to collect all of Celestial Sunrise’s cosmetics and play its dedicated limited-time mode.

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What modes will come with the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event?

Celestial Sunrise is set to be the first Apex event in 2023 that features an entirely new limited-time game mode, as it will debut alongside Hardcore Royale. This LTM is said to punish players rather than provide a fun spin to the traditional battle royale ruleset. For instance, the mode offers a limited HUD and restricts players to only White Armor, as armor swapping is disabled. Speaking of defense, none of its maps will include helmets in their loot pool, ultimately making headshots much more influential in battles. To make matters more interesting, the Ring will deal max damage from the start of matches.

At the time of writing, it is unknown which parts of the HUD will not be present in Hardcore Royale, though leaker KralRindo may have solved this. In a Twitter post, the proven dataminer provided an apparent in-game image featuring a HUD that displays only a Legend’s health and their Ultimate ability. Thus, this could mean players may go without a tac-map and a menu indicating which throwables they hold.

via KralRindo’s Twitter

All Celestial Sunrise cosmetics

The most striking details surrounding the event are surely its assortment of new Legend and weapon skins. Within its debut trailer, it is revealed the collect-a-thon will carry skins based on zodiac animals. This includes a rabbit costume for Octane, a dragon-themed getup for Pathfinder, and an Ash outfit that sports snakes throughout its white suit. Best of all, once its collection is completed, participants will instantly be rewarded the Jadeite Retribution reactive Peacekeeper skin.

Although developer Respawn Entertainment has not confirmed what else is in the collection, KralRindo has also released a YouTube video showcasing its potential menu. Within it, the leaker displays that Celestial Sunrise may come packed with a total of five unlockable Legend skins and four weapon skins — the latter being made up of all Legendary rarities.

via KralRindo’s YouTube channel