Are Shadow Bombs back in Fortnite?

Have they returned?


Shadow Bombs are something of a favorite item in Fortnite. Shadow Bombs were very interesting and somewhat unique in the game. You could throw them to shroud a player in a dark cloud, giving you a double jump and a wall hop for a short duration, as well as increased movement speed. They have only been available in Creative or Playground modes since patch 10.00, but a data miner recently discovered something interesting.

According to FNBRLeaks, Shadow Boms were recently added back to the game files for the battle royale mode. At the moment, the item is not available in the mode; it is merely present in the game files.

Now, there are a couple of different things that could be happening here. Shadow Bombs may have been added to the game for involvement in the Spy Games mode, an end of season event, or even for the start of the next season, which begins on June 4. This could also be a mistake, some misplaced code, or something that was not intended to end up in the game files. We have seen this happen before, more prominently with the supposed Annual Pass for Fortnite

While hardly a common issue, it does happen that things end up in the game files that simply shouldn’t be there, so it is probably best not to get too excited just yet.

With Season 3 just around the corner, it is reasonable to expect some changes to come to the game, and it’s impossible to know what Midas’ plans are for that Doomsday Device he is building, so maybe we may do have some Shadow Bombs in our future.