Are there DLC plans for Hogwarts Legacy? Answered

We want more Hogwarts Legacy already.

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Hogwarts Legacy brings you to the magical Wizarding World where you learn about what it takes to be a witch or wizard. Everyone cannot get enough of Hogwarts Legacy, and that has raised the question of if the game will have DLC. After some research, we have the answers for you. Here is what you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy’s DLC plans.

Will Hogwarts Legacy have DLC?

Unfortunately, there are new announcements for any additional content or DLC for Hogwarts Legacy, at least as of yet. The only “bonus content” that Hogwarts Legacy players who didn’t buy the Deluxe of Collector’s Edition of the game will be able to purchase is the Dark Arts Pack, which is basically a DLC. The Dark Arts Pack contains some additional content like the Therstral Mount, the Dark Arts Cosmetic Set, and the Dark Arts Battle Arena as well.

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Many people are predicting that after the success of the game in just the first week, not to mention it breaking a record on Twitch while in early access, it will have a DLC by the end of the year. There is definitely a lot of room that could be used to make a DLC within the world, and with the huge fanbase that the game has, it could be very likely for it to happen as well.

What could a Hogwarts Legacy DLC entail?

There have been many rumors and pitches as to what would work best for a DLC if the developers choose to do one. The first rumor going around is a Quidditch pitch idea. This is an in-game lore sport that was banned due to an injury, so it seems off the table but we can have hope.

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Another idea is a continuation of the story, which would allow us to see what happens after the game’s ending, as well as see what happens with our character beyond the fifth year in Hogwarts. There are many ways some extended content could go for the game, and with a fanbase growing as big as this game has already, it could surely happen if the developers are up for it and don’t have other plans.