Are there Pokémon without type weaknesses? Answered

Is there such an overpowered Pokemon?

Image via Niantic

We all know that most Pokémon have a weakness. Some types will always beat another, and they all go in an endless circle. However, you might wonder if there are any Pokémon that doesn’t have any type weakness. In the past, there would have been many that fit those criteria. During Generation VI, The Pokémon Company came up with the Fairy type and eliminated most contenders for the “without a type weakness” award. So, are there any Pokémon without a type weakness? Here is the answer.

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The Pokémon and its evolution without a type weakness

There are only two Pokémon in the series that have no type weakness: Eelektrik and its evolution, Eelektross.

These two made their first appearance in Generation 5, Black and White, and have also been on the roster for Generation 6, X and Y. Though the inspiration for this Pokemon is an eel, it is a pure Electric-type Pokemon, and has no Water affinities.

The Electric type is one of the most powerful types in Pokémon, as it only has one natural weakness: Ground. However, Ground attacks can be nullified by levitating. In theory, most pure Electric types could have no type weakness if they held an Air Balloon, or used the Magnet Rise move. The reason why Eelektrik and Eelektross are immune to Ground-type attacks is that they have the passive ability Levitate.

This does not necessarily mean that these two are the best Pokémon out there, as they can easily be brought to the ground by using Mold Breaker or Gravity, and then their Ground weakness would be back. However, if the enemy isn’t prepared for it, Eelektrik and Eelektross are the only Pokemon in all generations that don’t have any type weakness.

Though Eelektross is a very powerful Pokémon, its pure Electric-type can result in problems because it also doesn’t have many resistances. Some of the faster Pokémon in PvP can just beat this Electric eel before it can even use its full potential.