Are worlds infinite in Don’t Starve?

When does it end?!

Image via Klei

The Constant, or Maxwell’s World, is the name for each map in Don’t Starve & Don’t Starve Together. Each new world is randomly generated, but there are certain patterns that occur in the Constance. Mainly specific biomes being near each other and items spawning in certain places. Each map you spawn into is enormous and features countless set pieces for you and your friends to explore. The Constance, however, is not infinite.

When you first pick up Don’t Starve, the map may seem infinite and quite intimidating, but there is a finite space in which you can explore. As you learn the game, its mechanics, and what you can find in each biome of the world, you’ll begin to more easily predict how the world works, where you can find certain items, enemies, and resources. You’ll also understand where and when you might find yourself at the edge of the world.

It may take you a couple of seasons or even a year, but you will eventually have most of, if not the entire map figured out, and that timespan will only shorten as you get better at the game. Messing with the game settings to create different kinds of the world will change the shape and layout of the Constance, but that’s up to you if you want to play custom games.

However, there is more to just the ground level of the Constance, as you’ll quickly notice sinkholes that lead to caves. Whenever you jump down a sinkhole, there will be a loading screen as you’re technically entering a whole new map that you can explore. The caves come with their own environments and struggles, but there are tons of benefits to exploring them; just remember to bring a light. There are multiple sinkholes to be found in each world, so just keep your eyes peeled if you ever want to jump in. Each new sinkhole leads to a new cave map in the base Don’t Starve game. In Don’t Starve Together, there is only one cave map, and all the sinkholes are connected. It doesn’t end there, though.

Image via Klei

While spelunking in the caves, you may find a golden sinkhole; this leads to the Ruins. These ruins are the remnants of an ancient civilization and are once again their own map within your world. Each cave will have a sinkhole to access the ruins in the base game. Just like the surface levels, caves and ruins are not infinite.

While the Constance doesn’t go on forever, there is a vast horizon to explore. If you find yourself mapping out the surface world quick enough, go spelunk in the deep dark caves and ruins and find things that will aid in your survival. Just be wary of what happens when the lights go out.