Aspect of Interference quest guide – Destiny 2

Foul on the play.

Image via Bungie

Season of the Splicer introduces a new Aspect to Destiny 2’s Stasis class, the Aspect of Interference. As with all other Aspects, players will need to visit the Exo Stranger at her camp on Europa to pick up the quest.

From there, a waypoint will appear in Kell’s Rising in the Eventide Ruins. This is all the way in the back of the area, so it will take players a little while to get there. Before they set out on their journey, they should ensure they have the Salvation’s Grip Stasis Grenade Launcher in their loadout.

Once they arrive at the area denoted by the waypoint, they will discover a heavy ammo box. Grab this to ensure full ammunition for the Salvation’s Grip, then shoot the Entropic Shard that is marked by the waypoint. When it is shattered, another one will appear, and for the next section players just need to climb further and further up into Kell’s Rising.

They should be quite familiar with the area from the campaign missions, and the Entropic Shards that spawn in will be marked by a waypoint when you get close to them. Just shoot each one with the Stasis Grenade Launcher, then move on.

When you reach the top and break the last Entropic Shard, you will need to take our some enemies, including a tricky Wyvern, and after tat you will be on to the next step.

The final part is a Heroic: Simulation completion that you can launch from the Director. Arm up, ensuring you are equipped to deal with any of the modifiers that the Heroic Simulation can throw at you, then dive in to complete the activity. Once it’s done, return to the Exo Stranger, visit the strange Darkness temple, and collect your newest Aspect.