Assassin’s Creed Mirage: All Tales Of Baghdad Locations

Secrets are tucked all over Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and The Tales of Baghdad add plenty of new story opportunities.

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Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s map is full of collectibles, codex entries, and even random events. To bring more life to Baghdad, AC Mirage includes some missable side quests to get to know the culture and residents of this city. They’re your average investigation, assassination, and exploration quests, but with an odd spin in plot to keep them interesting. Here’s how to find and complete every Tale of Baghdad in AC Mirage.

Tale of Baghdad 1: A Leap of the Faithful

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In this tale of Baghdad, Basim runs into a little kiddo who, in a reckless attempt to become a Hidden One, has climbed his way up to a viewpoint. Now, it’s time for Basim to play the firefighter and help him come back down. It’s a fairly straightforward quest; just climb, speak to the kid, and take a leap of faith. He will follow in your footsteps and do the same, cementing his path as a future assassin.

Tale of Baghdad 2: Blade in the Crowd, Tool in the Shed

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A Blade in the Crowd, Tool in the Shed is another quick take on Baghdad. An initiate Assassin has found two corrupt guards and would like your help to take them out. Though Basim was also recently enlisted, he’s willing to help. To complete this tale, take out the two guards in the area before you. Three more will appear after they’re down, but they aren’t too hard to beat anyway.

Tale of Baghdad 3: A Life’s Work

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A Life’s Work is the first brutal Tale of Baghdad you’ll run into in AC Mirage. To complete this side quest, you’ll need to find all three Treatise pages for Al-Mahani. Though they are all spread out around the same building, reaching them won’t be easy at all. Follow these steps to complete A Life’s Work:

ImageTreatise Page Location
The first treatise page can be found atop the building to the man’s left. There’s a bunch of red papers flying around, and the treatise page you’re looking for won’t be the exception. Follow the treatise page to the next building’s rooftop and pick it up.
The second treatise page will be on the roof of the main building behind the old man. To reach it, head to the right and push the bookshelf forward to climb it and reach the rooftop. Up here, the second treatise page will be lying on a table.
The third and last treatise page is inside the building. To break in, head to the back of the building and move the wooden crate to the right. Then, climb it and aim your throwing knives toward the window to break the door. Once inside, look for the third treatise page.

With all the pages, head back to the old man. Though he has sadly passed away, you still have a choice to make: should you tell his son the truth or lie about the treatise? I chose to lie, and though this man may hate me for life, he still holds his father dearly.

Tale of Baghdad 4: Curse Of The Si’la’

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The Curse of the Si’la’ is a Tale of Baghdad that seems harder than it is. This man believes a demon has wiped out his friends, but you’ll prove him wrong by just inspecting the area. The only threat around is a jaguar roaming the area. Just use Basim’s thermal skill to inspect nearby clues highlighted in orange. By following the wagon’s trails, the crime scene, and the sigil behind it, Basim will come to learn the truth about this “demon.”

Tale of Baghdad 5: Treasure Hunt

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In Treasure Hunt, a woman asks that you retrieve her family’s heritage from this sinking house. The front door is inaccessible, so the only way through is by swimming underwater.

To get inside the house in Treasure Hunt, look to the woman’s right after the cutscene is done. There, you’ll spot a tiny red flag; this is the spot where you need to dive down to reach the house’s inside.

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There’s a turquoise vase in the house’s rightmost corner. Break it to gather some bronze and return it to the woman to finish this Tale of Baghdad.

Tale of Baghdad 6: Holy Mission

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In a pretty peculiar quest, Basim helps a catholic priest dig the body of a “holy man” from a grave to bring his remains to a place where he can be worshipped. The quest’s goal is to find the grave that describes a man whose actions and morals could be aligned with Christianity. The right grave can be spotted southeast and is adorned by some lavender flowers.