Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Trophy Guide & Walkthrough

A guide to help players understand how to get every single trophy in Assassin’s Creed Mirage without going out of their way.

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Trophies are the ultimate collectible for PlayStation fans. Every game has them, and in recent years, almost all of the games that have been released have a platinum trophy for players to pick up after slogging through the bronzes, silvers, and golds.

Some games, like Assassin’s Creed Mirage, have hidden trophies. However, we’ve discovered that even this game has a trophy list that can be knocked out in a single playthrough if players pay attention to what they need to be doing.

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AC Mirage Trophy List & What Order to Get Them

Below, we’ve outlined every trophy in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. We’ve divided them into those that we believe players will easily pick up while they play, the ones that take some dedicated effort early on, and others that are collectathons that players might want to get out of the way earlier rather than later.

AC Mirage Trophies Players Will Earn Through the AC Mirage Story

The following trophies are ones players will acquire organically as they complete the Assassin’s Creed Mirage story. There’s no need to do anything other than complete missions to get them.

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  • Platinum – Master of His Fate: Earn Every Trophy
  • Bronze – The Master Thief of Anbar: Complete the Prologue
  • Silver – La shay’a waqi’un mutlaq: Become an Initiate of The Hidden Ones
  • Silver – The Blood of a Ghoul: Eliminate Al-Ghul
  • Bronze – The Blood of a Demon: Eliminate Al-Rabisu
  • Bronze – Blood of an Enchantress: Eliminate Al-Pairika
  • Bronze – Blood of a Spymaster: Eliminate Al-Mardikhwar
  • Silver – Head of the Snake: Eliminate the Head of the Order
  • Gold – Bal kullun mumkin: Discover Basim’s Past
  • Silver – Self-Improvement: Unlock all Skills
  • Silver – Explorer: Fully Explore all Territories

AC Mirage Trophies That Require Players to Get Collectibles

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These Assassin’s Creed Mirage trophies are linked to in-game collectibles like Gear Chests and Enigmas. To get them, players must prioritize getting every collectible in the game.

  • Bronze – Serving the Light: Reach the maximum Hidden One Rank
  • Bronze – Cutting Edge: Fully Upgrade a Weapon
  • Bronze – Thick Skin: Fully Upgrade an Outfit
  • Bronze – Fashion Statement: Apply Dye to an Outfit
  • Bronze – Masquerader: Obtain Both Disguises
  • Bronze – Treasure Seeker: Open a Token Chest
  • Bronze – Potion Collector: Obtain a Total of 10 Elixirs
  • Silver – Fearless: Synchronize all Viewpoints
  • Bronze – Scholar: Bring all 7 Lost Books to Al-Jahiz
  • Bronze – Riddle Me This: Obtain a Treasure by Solving an Enigma
  • Silver – Curio Collector: Pickpocket all 18 Artifacts and Bring Them to Dervis

AC Mirage Trophies That Require Dedicated Time While Playing

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The following trophies in Assassin’s Creed Mirage are ones players will need to put some dedicated time into completing. They may pop organically, but players are more likely to earn them if they know the requirements and gear some time towards completing them early so they don’t need to do it later. They may also require players to grab specific skills to help complete them.

  • Bronze – Bird of Prey: Tag 100 Guards Using Enkidu
  • Silver – Defender of the People: Complete 10 Faction Contracts
  • Bronze – Crossing Paths: Complete a Tale From Baghdad
  • Silver – Tools of the Trade: Fully Upgrade all Tools
  • Silver – Eagle’s Eye: Kill 75 Guards With Throwing Knives
  • Bronze – Headhunter: Headshot 20 Guards With Throwing Knives
  • Bronze – Sleep Tight: Put 10 Guards to Sleep With Blowdarts
  • Bronze – Ambush: Have 10 Guards Trigger Traps
  • Bronze – Up in Smoke: Affect 20 Guards With Smoke Bombs
  • Bronze – Attention Seeker: Distract 10 Guards With Noisemakers
  • Silver – The Hands of a Thief: Pickpocket 50 People
  • Bronze – You Snooze, You Lose: Pickpocket a Guard Affected by a Blowdart
  • Bronze – Hoarder: Save up 2007 Dirhams
  • Bronze – Dawn and Dusk: Use Benches to Pass Time 5 Times
  • Bronze – Patron of the Arts: Pay Musicians 5 Times
  • Bronze – Patron of Sell-Swords: Pay Mercenaries 5 Times
  • Bronze – Patron of Industry: Pay Merchant Groups 5 Times
  • Bronze – Blade in the Crowd: Assassinate 10 Guards While Blending With the Crowd
  • Bronze – Surprise!: Assassinate 10 Guards From Hiding Spots
  • Bronze: The Shadow and the Flame: Defeat a Shakiriyya in Combat
  • Bronze – Silencer: Destroy a Horn Bearer’s Horn With a Throwing Knife
  • Silver – Notorious: Stay at a Maximum Notoriety for 10 Minutes
  • Bronze – Poster Boy: At Maximum Notoriety, Become Anonymous by Tearing Down Wanted Posters
  • Bronze – Spread the News: Use the Services of a Munadi 3 Times
  • Silver – Unstoppable: Kill 5 Guards With One Use of Assassin Focus
  • Silver -Eagle’s Will: Survive 10 Minutes in Open Combat
  • Silver – Gifted Escapist: Collapse 20 Scaffolding Structures
  • Bronze – A True Hidden One: Assassinate 10 Guards in a Row Without Triggering Open Combat
  • Bronze – Street Cleaner: Hide 5 Bodies in Bales of Hay