Assassin’s Creed Mirage Tokens: How to Get Tokens and Earn Favors

One game, several currencies. Here’s what all token types in AC Mirage do and how to get more.

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Assassin’s Creed: Mirage introduces an intriguing currency system known as Khidmah Tokens, essential for Basim’s covert operations in Baghdad. These tokens come in three distinct varieties: Merchant Tokens, Scholar Tokens, and Power Tokens. In the game’s early stages, it may not be immediately clear how to use Khidmah Tokens effectively. However, as Basim’s journey unfolds, these tokens become indispensable for navigating Baghdad while maintaining a low profile.

All Token Types in Assassin’s Creed Mirage & What They Are For

Merchant Tokens (Green)

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These green tokens hold the key to accessing exclusive chests and securing more favorable deals in shops. When you stumble upon special chests or wish to haggle for lower prices in the market, Merchant Tokens are your currency of choice.

Scholar Tokens (Silver)

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Scholar Tokens are versatile and serve multiple purposes. The most common usage is to hire Musicians who will play enchanting tunes to distract nearby guards. This can come in handy to infiltrate prisons and other restricted areas without detection.

However, there’s a second way to invest Scholar Tokens in AC Mirage. They can be spent at the Cartographer’s shop to purchase detailed maps of Baghdad. These maps are invaluable for uncovering hidden treasures and locating essential landmarks.

Power Tokens (Bronze)

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Power Tokens are your secret weapon for manipulating your foes and making your mission easier. They can be used to bribe enemies discreetly, avoid confrontations, or manipulate adversaries to your advantage. One clear example is giving the Town Crier a Power Token to reduce your notoriety level to zero.

How to Get More Tokens in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

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There are a couple of ways to get your hands on more tokens in AC Mirage:

  • Keep an eye on notice boards scattered across the city to get more contracts. Take on these contracts and watch your token stash grow.
  • Pickpocket unsuspecting folks you encounter on the map. The tiny green bags on their hips gold some tokens for you.
  • Loot the hidden treasures scattered all over the Baghdad map.

I know tokens can seem like another collectible in AC Mirage. Still, they are a cool feature that can make many aspects of the game much more fun and rewarding. Trust me, you don’t want to hunt down a loot-filled chest only to walk away empty-handed just because you’re missing a Merchant Token.