How To Unlock Taming And Tame Creatures In Atlas

In this unlock taming and how to tame animals in Atlas guide, you will learn about the method to get this important skill that serve you in the wilderness. To begin with, buy the Taming skill, read the first section of guide below and then follow the second section to learn how to use Taming to control animals.

Unlock Taming And Tame Creatures In Atlas

How To Unlock Taming

Taming is not available by default from the beginning of the game, there is a certain criteria to unlock it. But don’t worry the process is not that complicated. Reach Level 2 and go to the Skill Tree section – Survivalism. Buy three skills listed below:

  • Tools of the Trade
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Beast Mastery

Follow the Beast Mastery line, this section unlock Tame Creatures. This is the command used for controlling tamed creatures or Taming a fresh one. The skill tree is pretty big and many are interlinked so follow the line to unlock Taming.

How To Tame Creatures

Once you had unlocked Tame command, you can now control creature in Atlas. There are two ways, you can go outside in wild and tame any animal, but this can be risky or you can build Taming Pen, this is more like a Trap you will construct to attract and catch animals. You can wait for animals to enter and then safely control them. The structure is more like a big cage where you can create walls, a big gate for animal to enter and a exit door for you to escape out. Keep a small window or opening on ceiling to shoot the animal.

In Taming Pen, once the animal walks inside close the gate to trap them, exit from a back door and hit the animal to lower its HP to 20%. It will not attack you after this, go near and find what food the animal requires. Place the food in the last slot of hotbar and press E to feed the animal.

The skill works both in Offline and Online mode, so it is pretty necessary to unlock soon.