Atomic Heart Parents’ guide – Is Atomic Heart ok for your child to play?

They’re just robots. It should be fine, right?


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With so many kinds of video games out there today, it can be challenging for a parent to keep up with all of the games their child is trying to play. Not everyone is going for a family-friendly rating like Nintendo with their releases. If your kid wants to start playing Atomic Heart, what should you expect them to see? Here is a breakdown of the content in Atomic Heart.

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Should you let your kid play Atomic Heart? Answered

If you are curious whether or not you should let your kid play Atomic Heart, you should know that the game is rated M, so it is designed and made for a mature audience. While the game does not have any nudity, there are multiple instances of highly sexualized content, including robots and wooden figures that use adult language and take some very provocative poses. In particular, Nora, the upgrade robot, has shocked people with their raunchy dialogue.

Screenshot by Gamepur
Screenshot by Gamepur

Additionally, it is important to note that Atomic Heart is set in an alternate universe where the Soviet Union is still very much in control. There is intense violence with blood and gore, allowing the player to chop up bodies. Scenes like that can scar the wrong kid for a while.

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We would not recommend letting anyone under the age of 18 in your household play or watch someone else play Atomic Heart. Some mature games like Grand Theft Auto have moments where you can just have fun in a wide-open sandbox; Atomic Heart is pretty much solely suited for an adult audience. Be sure to walk with your kid and explain any issues you have with them viewing that content. You can also view the ESRB website for additional content warnings for parents.