Attack on Titan Revolution Codes (November 2023)

The titans are getting out of control once again with the arrival of Attack on Titan Revolution. Maybe we’re in need of a few more codes.

Image via AOT:R [ES]

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Roblox Attack on Titan Revolution is an action game where you can create your own character and take on enormous, naked behemoths called Titans. In the game, you can move around the city at breakneck speeds, unlock new features, and face various enemies along the way.

It’s fairly important that you redeem codes often for Attack on Titan Revolution. They can be used to redeem rewards such as spins, which are used to give your character in-game bonuses. The way spins work in this game is that players are given many family perks that offer stat bonuses as they spin for them in the character creator. Once you find a family perk among the different rarities that range from common, rare, epic, and legendary, you can keep them in your storage for future use.

All Attack on Titan Revolution GAME Codes List

Roblox Tank Race Codes (Working)

  • LIKES100 – Redeem for 50 spins
  • SHUTDOWN2 – Redeem for 35 spins
  • SHUTDOWN1 – Redeem for 35 spins
  • MEMBERS7K – Redeem code for 35 spins
  • SORRY2 – Redeem for 25 spins and 500 gems
  • DEMO2 – Redeem for 150 spins
  • MEMBERS1K – Redeem for 100 spins
  • LIKES250 – Redeem for 50 spins
  • SORRY – Redeem for 50 spins
  • LIKES500 – Redeem for 25 spins
  • FREESPINS – Redeem for 75 spins

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How To Redeem Codes in Attack on Titan Revolution

Screenshot by Gamepur

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Attack on Titan Revolution.

  1. Launch Attack on Titan Revolution on your device.
  2. In the main menu, click the Codes Button
  3. Enter working codes into the Enter Code Here text box on the bottom right.
  4. Click on the Redeem code button to claim your free reward.

How To Get More Attack on Titan Revolution Codes

For those interested in more Attack on Titan Revolution codes, you can get more from the official Twitter/X. The developer, AOT:R [ES], is very active in handing out more codes, so it’s extremely advantageous to follow and turn on their notifications to get timely posts. Another great way to get more codes is from the AOT:R [ES] official Discord. There are plenty of giveaways featuring codes and free skins in Discord as well.

Why Are My Attack on Titan Revolution Codes Not Working?

If the codes you enter don’t work, they’re probably expired, or it could be a spelling error. Codes are case-sensitive, so make sure to look out for things like capitalization and punctuation. There are tons of codes that are made redeemable, so certain characters are used in a code to differentiate them from one another. If you ever have any issues with errors, be sure to check back here for proper spelling, or if the mistake is on our part, try capitalizing the first letter or vice versa if the letter is lowercase.

What Is Attack on Titan Revolution

In-game Character Creator
Screenshot by Gamepur

Players battle titans from the popular anime in the brand-new game Attack on Titan Revolution by AOT:R [ES]! There are many titans you can beat while zipping around the gated city on Paradis Island, and there’s no limit to how fast you can go as long as you don’t tire of that clicking finger. I’ve spent countless hours trying to earn more spins in order to get better bonuses for my character. If you’re a fan of action games and Attack on Titan, I feel that you’ll love Roblox’s take on the hit anime.