Avatar Generations tier list – best characters in Avatar Generations

These characters will make the game a walk in the park.

Image via CDE Entertainment

Avatar Generations is set in the world of Avatar Legends, where players embark on a journey to explore all four nations. Like any gacha game, players can use in-game currency to summon different characters and bolster their roster. Needless to say, most players would be looking for the best characters to summon, and if you are in the same boat, we’ve put together a tier list ranking every character in Avatar Generations.

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What are the best characters to use in Avatar Generations?

Tier Character
SAang, Toph, Katara
AAppa, Iroh, Zuko, Momo, Ty Lee
BAzula, Suki, Sokka
CMai, King Bumi
DAdmiral Zhao

As the main protagonist of the series, Aang resumes a potent role in the game. Although the game has multiple versions of the characters, its Avatar State is by far the best. When in Avatar state, Aang can utilize damage from all four elements and also has access to powerful Spirit element move. That said, to enter the Avatar State, you need to get the free version of Aang below 30% health. If you are looking for a damage-oriented character Earth Kingdom Toph might be the way to go. She packs heavy damage and can decrease the enemy focus bar through basic attacks.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a supporting character, Bending Master Katara is arguably the best one in the game. Her passive ability allows her to heal any ally that is below 25% health. Furthermore, Katara has enough damage and can act as a sub-DPS character when needed.

Since the game is fairly new, most characters are reliable and can be used effectively. Once new characters are added to the game and meta forms, we will update the tier list accordingly.