All playable characters in Avatar Generations

So many characters to pick from.

Image via CDE Entertainment

Avatar Generations is a gacha-styled RPG game filled with a plethora of characters that players will need to utilize to explore the four nations. Naturally, most players will be interested in knowing all the playable characters in Avatar Generations, and if you are in the same boat, we’ve listed them all below.

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Avatar Generations character roster — All playable characters

Since Avatar Generations was released globally in late January 2023, there is a possibility that developer Navigator Games might add more characters to the game in the future. Regardless, all the currently playable characters are listed below.

  • Aang – All four element
  • Admiral Zhao – Fire element
  • Jeong Jeong – Fire element
  • Katara – Water element
  • Kyoshi Warriors – No element
  • Pakku – Water element
  • Princess Yue – Water element
  • Master Gyatso – Air element
  • Mongke – Fire element
  • Sokka – No element
  • Suki – No element
  • Toph – Earth element
  • The Blue Spirit – No element
  • Tyro – Earth element
  • Uncle Iroh – Fire element
  • Xin Fu – Earth element
  • Zuko – Fire element

How to unlock new characters in Avatar Generations

As you progress through the main storyline, you’ll naturally start to unlock playable characters. The game follows a turn-based system where you’ll assemble a team of four characters that will aid in your journey. Hence, it’s vital to put up a solid and well-organized team that will make the progression easier.

We recommend utilizing characters of different elements on a team so that you have all the bases covered. However, most characters are viable and can be effective if used properly. It’s best to try different characters and pick the ones that suit your playstyle and approach.