Baldur’s Gate 3: 5 Side Characters That Deserved More Screen Time

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a rich cast of NPCs for players to interact with. However, some side characters should have had more screen time.

Baldur’s Gate 3 delivers an epic adventure teeming with legendary characters and captivating storylines. However, for all its grandeur, it has left me with an unquenching thirst for some characters to have more screen time.

Amidst the myriad of heroes and villains, some characters have quietly slipped into the shadows, their potential untapped. Let’s shine a light on those figures whose brief appearances or underdeveloped storylines left me with a void that only fanart and, maybe, a future DLC can fill.


Mind Flayer in Myconid Colony Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot by Gamepur

Omeluum is an enigmatic Mind Flayer who deserves far more time in the spotlight. In a world teeming with treacherous Mind Flayers who just want to snack on your brain, he stands out as one of the first genuinely good-aligned characters players encounter. Plus, you find him in the Underdark of all places, making him a refreshing departure from the typical Underdark denizens. Omeluum has much to bring to the table; after all, he broke free from the Elder Brain’s control. In fact, he even volunteers to remove the player’s parasite.

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However, though Omeluum’s initial appearance is compelling, he left me yearning for more interaction. His potential as a powerful companion in storytelling and gameplay remains woefully untapped. Sure, he makes a brief comeback in Act 3, in which he might even die altogether. But Omeluum’s brief appearance in Act 3 merely hints at the untold depths of his character.


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Kar’niss is the intriguing spider-like boss in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Act 2. And if anyone deserved to stick around for longer, it’s him. Amidst the abundance of menacing creatures in the first two Acts, he stands out as a unique, sentient antagonist. In the brief moments we get a glimpse of his character, it becomes apparent that he has descended into a disturbing, almost mad love for Selune, the Goddess of Light. This eerie fascination with the Lightdeity and his half-spider, half-human form creates a chilling and unforgettable villain. 

Sadly, Kar’niss’s potential remains largely untapped, as his presence is abruptly cut short in a single cutscene since, well, you ambush him and his team, ultimately ending the arachnid’s life. Still, his intriguing backstory and the twisted depths of his devotion to Selune could have added a captivating layer to the game’s narrative.

Investigator Valeria

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Investigator Valeria is the one and only hollyphant in Baldur’s Gate 3, which makes her deserving of a more substantial presence in the game. As the sole hollyphant encounter, her golden celestial form and whimsical nature make her an unforgettable character. Add her role as an investigator and a penchant for drinking, and you’ve got a compelling and multifaceted persona. 

Valeria’s involvement in orchestrating Act 3’s main quest should have translated into more screen time. Still, for some reason, we only get one interaction with her before moving on to bigger things. Her distinctive qualities, including her role in pivotal decisions, make her a character ripe for exploration. The choice between Valeria and Sarevok Anchev’s fate holds significant consequences, and her potential as a critical player in the narrative deserves further development. 

Viconia DeVir

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Viconia DeVir is the complex drow cleric and Mother Superior for Lady Shar in Baldur’s Gate 3. That title alone should give away that this character deserved more screen time in BG3. Viconia DeVir’s involvement is limited to a single cutscene, shortly followed by a challenging fight ending in her demise, which feels like a missed opportunity. 

She’s a character created by Bioware’s James Ohlen, who had a hand in the original Baldur’s Gate games. She’s deeply involved with Shadowheart’s upbringing and her growth as a Shar worshipper during her early years. If she had a few more moments with us, we could have savored a bit of rich character development and moral dilemmas. Viconia DeVir’s untapped potential left me yearning for a deeper connection with the head of the House of Grief.


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Cazador is the former master of Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3. And though he is mentioned nearly in every conversation with Astarion, I feel like we needed more time with him in the flesh to explore the source of his darkness and complexity. His palace in the Lower City serves as a tantalizing backdrop for a significant showdown, and his bid for god-like power adds a dire threat to the narrative. 

Astarion’s traumatic past as a vampire spawn under Cazador’s cruel and abusive rule is pivotal in his character development and story arc. This relationship with Cazador also intricately affects Astarion’s romance options in the game. Confronting and defeating Cazador is central to Astarion’s companion quest and progression, making it a key narrative point. However, Cazador’s role as a boss and a catalyst for Astarion’s character growth deserved more exploration and engagement. Sure, you can enter a missable room in his dungeon to learn more about his tragic past, but by the time this happens, you’re already set on murdering Astarion’s torturer anyway.